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Skipping GW battles

Never done it so I want to know. As GW battle days can be played afterwards, why does the stats on some people show they’ve played 3 battles yesterday and five today? Can a battle/day be skipped? Just feels weird as we keep telling to play all the battles, no matter the outcome, still I see these every GW week, so, the most reasonable cause/ explanation is…?

They haven’t finished the day and skipped the rest of the battles. So looking at what you’ve posted, on Wednesday they’ve either done some of Tuesdays battles and skipped the rest to start Wednesdays set or done some on Tuesday then on Wednesday reset, skipped the rest of Tuesday to start the new day.


So most likely opposing guild had some annoying vanguard and the same one appeared twice in a row, so the player gave up. It would be nice if battles could not be skipped, but on the other hand, would a frustrated player continue the week if it would mean having to play the same annoying opponent 4 times…

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