2 Guild Wars questions

Can some one cralify for me the following please?

  1. Let’s say I finish all my weekly battles on sunday,and decided to change guild at the same day.Will I receive the weekly rewards from my battles,or I have to wait after monday reset to move to a new guild?
    2)If I change guild after monday reset,will I be able to play GW with my new guild?
    Thank you
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Yes. There was a bug this past week that prevented it, but it should be possible as long as you join on the Monday. (joining midweek won’t let you though)

Not sure about the first question sorry.


doesn’t anyone know the answer to my first question?

my guess is when a guild war ranked rewards are distributed, it will just give it to all members regardless if they did fight in guild wars and when they joined

  • so you would get the rewards dependig in which guild you are themoment when they are distributed, regardless to your personal gw score
    but its just a guess

also i am not sure when gw ranked rewards are distributed, probably when the day truns from monday-to tuesday, but it could still be the weekly reset at sunday-monday change?
i hope someone can clear that out