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What happened to Skip a team (Guild) in GW?s

I can’t find that option anywhere.

I’m tired of the endless looping. Just don’t feel like watching it anymore.

I think that skipping option is only when you are playing catup up from previous day’s GW.
You could skip an entire day and go to the next guild, but you can’t do any skipping if you are already playing the current day’s.

I can’t even find that option.

And no I could skip a match and forfeit the rest of the matches for that day.

I’m glad youre not in my guild! Why even play gw in the first place if you’re wanting to skip battles? I’m just curious, I’m not meaning to offend.


if you want to forfeit everything (without trying every fight at all) why bother going in the GW page at all?
it shouldnt matter if it shows 0/5 or 0/0

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AFTER losing to a team, I believe people should be allowed to move on to the next opponent.

What do you mean? If you lose you are up against the next opponent! It’s not guaranteed to be a different one though. You do realise there’s usually around 225 points for a defeat, but zero for retreating?


Has this changed? The last time I lost (excluding single person guilds) I had to battle the same opponent and never managed to reach the final opposing guild team.

No you guys are talkung about two different things. If you lose to the soldier your next battle will be against a soldier as well (maybe the same person but maybe not) that is as it should be…


To answer the question;

@Nephilim - I am in a guild that GW is not a requirement (THANK GOODNESS)

We’re just doing this for the cards and the goodies. There isn’t anything other reason to do GW.

Reason to skip a team - sick of the same team. Wisps! Hey I even had two spirit foxes and well, that doesn’t matter since I could only block 1 on first round. Tired of wasting my time sitting there knowing the likleyhood of getting the board back is not very high. Last night for example two turns, EVEN after taking out of those wisps on the first turn…poof last turn I got.

I just saw a three wisp team … not - no - never.