Game "forgetting" GW results

I’m not really putting in a Support req here… just want to see if I’m not the only one.

This is the 2nd time this has happened in 2 weeks. I did all 5 GW Blue Day fights first thing this morning. 3 minutes after completing the last fight I went back to the GW Attack screen and the game presented the 5 Blue Day GW fights as though they never happened.

Now I’m doing all 5 Blue Day GW fights for the 2nd time. I wonder if it will forget again? No I am not making a mistake… I recognize the enemy team comps and names from the 1st time I fought them this morning.

edit: Beat fight 1 for the 2nd time. Great because I lost it the first time by retreating, after failint to checking my team comp.

edit: Game acted as though the 2nd fight was already done showed it as a win. WTF. I’m doing fight 3 for the 2nd time now.

edit: Just faced and beat 3rd team which was different than the first time around. 4th team is also different.

edit: Beat 4th team. 5th team is different. The only team that was the same in both runs of 5 Blue Day GW fights was the first team.

edit: Quit fight 5 out of frustration. I don’t have time for this crap… it’s the holidays. Game finally accepts Blue Day is done and won’t present it to me for a 3rd run through.

Happened to me several weeks ago, before last update. Replayed all the day’s battles.

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I now take a picture after every fight. that way if anything hAppens I’ll report. I’m on ps4 tho so a screenshot is easy.

I hope these guild wars bug are first on the list to be fixed.

Dawn bringer in the arena is nothing compared to losing points in a competition due to errors.