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Guild wars fights done already?! WTF?

I just clicked the link to guild wars and when I go to attack my first three fights are already checked as successful. My progress is 0/5 but i only have the fourth battle to click on…

Anyone seen this before?

PS-I am on android

Yes, on several occasions, but only with the first one.
It always count as a loss even if you don’t have played. So you are lucky if it is not your case.
If you submit a ticket you will receive a little compensation (glory…).

A member of my guild was unable to play 1 single GW battle today and had 0/5 noted.
I asked him if he left game just before reset and reloaded some minutes after reset. He told me yes.
So yeah, still some issues.

yeah, i got credit for a big 0-5. That was fun. The best part is that not only did I get screwed by this bug but my guild gets screwed as well because I didn’t get any points!

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