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No Longer Able to Skip GW Battles

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected to be able to skip GW battles yesterday and today.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Attempt to “zap” previous battles this week.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Here is the screen shot:

Why would you ever want to skip your
5 whole guild war fights?

I posted this in support. Was your comment meant to assist me in some way?


I feel like someone posted this before and it turned out to be a language barrier issue. I can’t remember what the person actually meant. Let me explain.

When you say “skip a GW battle” that sounds like something that would be dumb in most players’ opinions. The point of GW is for you to get points for your guild. If you skip a battle, you get 0 points. Every battle you skip means you make about 1100 points less than you would have if you fought in it.

So there was a lot of discussion about that in the last thread, but I think the result was it turned out “skip” wasn’t the right English word for the button that was broken.

So, pretend I’m stupid, can you explain what “zapping previous battles” means? I’ve never seen a “skip” button in my UI.

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I took another screen shot in English for you. If defence has 24 unique troops, we can earn up to 10,000 poins for the guild (should be 12,000, but we cannot skip final day’s battle).

The button only appears if you missed at least a day.

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Oh, so if you don’t participate in GW for a day, it stacks the battles?

Do you get points for them? That’s weird.

Yes they stack, and yes you get points for battles fought after the day it is first available, and no, it is not weird because the community requested this feature for those times players cannot play during the week or on a particular day. The guild gets the points that are added to the week’s total for bracket placement.

Glad this thread could be of service to those who have this issue and for those who do not.


How can you possibly know if you really WON then… maybe half their guild only plays on the weekends, or every other day, and those days where it was really close for score… well you actually LOSE because those semi active players tip the points in their favor…

But today’s rewards for winning yesterday or contingent on the final score yesterday?

So if I skip Tuesday and Wednesday and my guild lost Tuesday, what happens on Thursday when I decide to play my battles and change my guild’s loss to a win? Can I file a ticket to get compensation seals?


The seals are for the guild that won “that” day.


Actually work like this, for deciding who win or lose, the gane only count the players that play on the proper day.
For example, if something like you said happen, that some player do their GW on weekends, they score will add to the score board of the day they skipped but wont change the result, so in the end you can find in scoreboards you made more point but still lost due to players no playing in the proper day.