Skip Battle/Resolve Battle feature

Simple feature - add a checkbox before a battle which says ‘Skip Battle/Resolve Battle’ - this would help in saving time when fighting against really low level teams. In fact, it would just save time period!

Given how much of the game is farming low level battles I can safely predict this will never happen


:shushing_face:Do you want to give the devs more ideas for monetization :shushing_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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On 2nd thoughts, i realized this would be abused actually as GoW does not have an energy system so ppl would just use it to auto level accounts & break the game.

This works on games which have energy system to limit the players. Wont work here.

This is kind of an aspect of how power creep can be an issue. Many people say “don’t nerf [troop], buff everything else instead [making everything fun]!”

  • Sometimes, part of what makes a Troop fun is simply comparative power. Being able to blast through enemies/battles/challenges by virtue of this, or in ways that you previously couldn’t, like when TPK and Lightning Strike made continual screen-shaking and increased mana generation more the norm. Buffing everything else could potentially take away some of fun of stronger Troops much the same as nerfing – and I think I’ve heard Sirrian express an understanding of this in a Q & A once, suggesting that maybe the meta just needs to shift a bit every few months or so. Having a smoother power curve between certain dud troops and crazy badass troops is maybe something that could be worked on more frequently, though (and I also think slight meta shifting could happen more often, emphasis on slight).

  • I say can be an issue, because this can be avoided with an appropriate challenge/reward curve, resulting in ~ progress ~. I think GoW has an issue with this, atm. For a large part, at least once everything is unlocked, beginners and end-gamers face the same challenges for the same rewards.

In this case, players progress their collection/strength, but challenges don’t always increase in tandem to get the rewards they need/more advanced rewards. Thus we have grind. :confused: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The Underworld is an example of game progression, but its implementation was acknowledged soon after release to be grindier than intended, due to the weight of rewards at lower levels.