this is kinda risky feature request but i decided to give it a shot…

the purpose is to change the game character from “having to win as fast as possible for maximum benefit” into more fairly rewarding somewhat proportional to actuall amount of time/effort one fight takes

if you have any better idea how to achieve that goal or how to betten this feature request please share!
Lets brainstorm how to make the game better! :stuck_out_tongue:

the proposition:

Increase battle rewards upon increased amount of enemy units killed (with a limit up to 3 more enemy units - so in total 7)

(dont worry Devs always tweak those numbers the way they want)
example of rewards:

  • +10% souls for 5th 6th and 7th killed enemy unit
  • +10% gold for 5th 6th and 7th killed enemy unit
  • +1 random traitstone for 7th enemy unit killed

note: this does not increase the enemy unit amount, it will only score bonuses if the enemy somehow summoned those extra on their own and you had to kill those, i want this applied in all game modes where a fight is taken place (so excluding minigames like treasure hunt obviously)

maybe there could also/or alternatively be done a bonus scaling with the actual damage done or bonus scaling with actual turn count, but for now i dont have any decent idea how to make it… so will leave only a mention of possibility

I don’t believe such a “fairly rewarding” solution exists. No matter what additional rules get added to hand out extra rewards, there will always one approach to fights that offers the most loot over time. Personally, I’d rather have that approach be “win fast” than “drag out the fight to meet several complicated bonus loot conditions”. For special rules we already have weekly events.


i know but i want to still make it even a bit more optimal

be it if it drags too long at least you get compensated a bit, not enough to make it farmable by design but enough to make you not regret you didnt forfeit to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me of the Demon summoning event we had recently. The compensation looked good enough to make me regret forfeiting it. I just couldn’t keep it up though, after like 50 Snots it became too repetitious for me to continue. :sleeping:

My fear is that this is an indirect nerf to summoning teams, which are already overall pretty weak/unpopular.

please explain :astonished:

My guess is @Studs is referring to the fact people might avoid setting Summoning defense teams, so as to not give other players extra stuff?

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as far as i know giving extra stuff IS the meta now and indirectly benefits you (having a chance to convince others to do the same giving you a more rewardinfg battle?)

i dont see how would it go the other way around plus whole speculation of it convicing ppl to either use it or not seems not related to a concept of “buffing” or “nerfing” to me :confused:

Many (most?) don’t deliberately set defenses that benefit other players. If summoning gives more resources to attackers then it’s an indirect nerf to summoning because it discourages players from using those teams on defense (both because it gives more resources and because it encourages attacks, which set you back as a defender when you lose).

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discouraging or encouraging players to use a card doesnt directly change the card’s “power”, it shifts the meta but u cant call it a nerf or buff xD

That’s why I said “indirect nerf”. If you create systems that encourage or discourage players from using a particular card then that’s an indirect buff or nerf.

i guess it could be an indirect nerf. but i think the chances for that or the actual strength of that nerf would be too little to make any difference. while it could be a nerf for ppl who want defense wins - they wouldnt use summon teams anyway coz they are all into the bone dragon, in same time it could be a buff for ppl who seek revenges - those could divide into two schools : seeking revenge via offering fast easy fights or offering long more rewarding fights. i think in that meaning it would rather support defense team variety then otherwise. therfore if it influences meta i think it would be rather a good thing…

I’d set my defense to 4x Elspeth for extra goodies :slight_smile:

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