Raise gold reward per card killed

Hi guys,

Battles are dragging on longer and longer with every other card summoning other cards, creating cards on dead, resurrecting themselves 4 times in a row.

Imo, you should also adjust the monetary reward at the end of a battle in according with this.
For example, if a battle gives 800 gold, make it 200 gold per card killed.

Then at least I get rewarded for killing the same stupid dragon 5 times in a row :slight_smile:


i wish there was valid and not abusable way to measure time and effort spent so we could get suitable rewards… so far nobody invented such

simple example:

if the bonus is for units killed you could farm it with chellenge that contains traited kerberos

if the bonus is for time spent we would be rewarded for afking

if the bonus is for turns passed, that still could be farmable with chellenges that have weak units or the fortress gate, but i guess sounds most reasonable out of the three

I thought about that to…

Lower the reward mentioned at the start of the battle, and instead reward every 3 combination with some gold, every 4 with more, 5 with even more, etc. There already is a gold cap (100) on a battle, raise that default cap, and change the money making cards (like alchemist) to give more gold per combine.

That would make the gold more effort based, and not so much funky algorithm based.
Like I see 2 teams I can attack, no defense bonuses or anything, the one with 1 card and team score 4949 gives 813 gold, the one next to it with 4 cards and way higher team score 8217 gives 872 gold.

That doesn’t sound right…

The guy on the right only gives 921 gold, but he is using a team with full 50% bonus cards…
Those cards with bonuses on them should be taken into the reward calculation. If they are 50% tougher, then also give me 50% more reward.

I think two things are at play here…

1: People set up good defense teams, that can really make a fight drag out for quite a while.
There is nothing wrong with that, but it does severely limit your gold making abilities.
If the effort to beat them was rewarded, this would be much less of a problem.

2: You kinda HAVE to do PvP if you want to make any gold and be useful to your guild.
Especially since PvP gives gold AND trophies.

I wish there was something you could do that would net you a nice amount of gold, besides PvP.
Treasure maps are fun, but in a way totally different, plus they don’t give that much gold.
The arena idea is nice, but the number of available cards should be a lot higher, and I’m not even sure about the reward.

Some kind of challenge mode, where you take a team, and battle opponents increasing in strength and reward would be nice…

Or what if they threw in a turn timer like they do and treasure maps and you got an extra stone or Whatever at 15,30 and 60 turns. Or instead of a extra stone at the end of the match give you a choice from three glory, gold or souls.

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how about using damage done to enemy for bonus rewards calculation?

i think that cant be abused much!

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