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Attention Devs

Please incorporate a AUTO-BATTLE function in the game! Way too many battles are too easy and tedious to do.

Attention Player. Well, there is tons of crappy troops you can use if you want a challenge. Also tons of horrible Arena draws available for you.


Might as well skip the battle all together and just give me the rewards for winning it.
Shoot, since grinding is so easy, might as well just give me all the resources, too, without even playing.
Why repeat D1 Explore to quickly level up a class? Just give me talent 100 without working for it.


I’m going to go ahead and assume you have played or are playing other mobile games that contain the AUTO-BATTLE feature. In almost all of those games there is an energy system. Gems does not contain an energy system for the grinding modes (pvp/explore). So there is no need to have an auto-battle feature. This would completely and utterly destroy the economy and in doing so you could expect the developers to react by raising Task costs, reducing resource gain from battles, or enacting an energy system to compensate.

Never going to happen, and never should it happen. Be thankful Gems is the way it is and not like other mobile games.


Fights that are easy for you may not be for new players. I remember struggling with dungeons early on, and now they’re a joke.

There are lots of AFK games I suggest you look at. I hope GoW never implements this. Sorry.


Wait is TC suggesting the devs implement a way to play the game without playing the game?


If you want your auto-battler, just play Guild Wars against doomed books. Or PvP against two empowered converters. Or Rope Dart/Ishbaala teams, or Beetrix teams, or L&D teams. Don’t worry, the ‘lean back, kick off your shoes, watch some GoW-TV while doing absolutely nothing’ experience is just one PvP reroll away. In fact, most of the time you won’t even have to reroll :wink:

This has been requested multiple times, but it’s never going to happen. The point is to play the game, not have your tablet/phone/computer play it for you. You’re bored? Go do something else.


If we look past the suggestion made by the OP, and the assumptions most people here have made around it, and look at what might be the motivation for making this post (i.e., “Way too many battles are too easy and tedious to do”), it could be that:

  • the OP wants to engage with the task/reward system of the game (valid desire, we all play a video game, GoW, that includes features of chasing the dopamine dragon)

  • OP also enjoys the puzzle aspects of the game

  • harder battles don’t necessarily give much better rewards than easy battles, so easier battles end up being possibly the more efficient way of obtaining rewards

  • OP likes efficiency, but dislikes tedium

  • OP would like battles to give rewards more commensurate with their difficulty

  • OP would also like even tougher battles to exist, that give better rewards in line with their increased difficulty, since OP wants to be challenged by the puzzle aspect of the game while still receiving

  • suggesting a self-imposed difficulty for the OP like using crappy troops wouldn’t make sense in this context, because OP still wants to engage with a task/reward system with compensation for efforts, which isn’t at all uncommon amongst people who play video games

If this is at all close to the motivation for the OP, I don’t think I’d disagree, even if an ‘auto-battle’ feature isn’t the solution (i.e. it still points to an underlying player frustration). ‘Auto-battle’ would take the game in one direction, more along the lines of a ‘management’ game - and it’s good to express that this isn’t an outcome you’d like. Another option could be what I suggested. A third and most likely option is that things remain as they are to maintain an annoying incentive for players to purchase things. I don’t think it’s likely to change, and I think it’s good to help @Gas set their expectations around this most likely scenario, but I also think Gas is justified in expressing how they feel about it.

Imo, attempting to better understand and communicate with our fellow human beings makes the world a better place :pray:


Interesting assumption for OP. If so, apologies, etc.

The terrible effort/reward ratio in GoW has bothered me for quite some time. Playing hundreds of D12 Explore runs without a single Nysha token, for example. Arena… (Of course, these two examples are tedious but not necessarily easy for some.)

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I would agree if it weren’t for the fact that HOW isn’t a true PVP. PVP battles are always against computer controlled opponents and most are way too easy to defeat because of it!
Gems is my all time favorite game so whatever the format I’m sticking around. Congrats to to guys for such outstanding and dedicated work!