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Auto-Battle feature

Any chance of an ‘auto battle’ feature? Hands get tired after a while would help with people with disabilities too. Key bindings would be great to help as well. Thanks for listening.

It’ll never happen. Too open to abuse.

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There’s a whole genre of games called “idlers” that sort of suit that kind of playstyle.

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Only allow it in certain parts of the game, besides I doubt the computer AI is better than a human anyway.

Besides the point not talking about any other games except Gems of War.

Just want to see improvements to help people out with disabilities I have limited movement of my right arm wouldn’t mind at least keyboard bindings or a bit more keyboard support than what there is. (If auto battles cant be added in).

I think auto battles would be cool if they were regulated a bit and slow. For example, lets say only in Explore and Arena and they can only be played on 1x speed. Or something like that. Also, only one auto battle at a time and you can’t be manually battling (or do a map) while an auto battle is in progress.

I think the idea has potential. Its just there would need to be a way for it to be controlled so people can’t exploit it.

I also think an auto collect feature would be awesome for mail and tribute. That way console players can be away from the game without losing out on stuff and you PC/Mobile players wouldn’t have to constantly check your phone, especially at places like work.

Edit: Auto maps would be cool too. Again, make it 1x speed, no manual battles during that time.

Also, to help regulate it, maybe put a daily cap on for how many battles or maps you could do. Like one limit for Explore, one for maps, and one for Arena battles. I would just say at least make the Arena number divisible by 8 so the player has a chance to do an Arena all the way through with the auto battle on.


If this happens, there will need to be several conditions.

  1. I think it should be limited to Explore. Having anything else done while idle sorta defeats the purpose.
  2. By limiting it to the explore function, it requires that the full quest line be completed first and that limits access.
  3. Auto Battle will continue through wins and losses. When it is stopped, it will complete the current battle then show the full collected rewards.

As a means for customization, Auto Battle can be told what gems to prioritize. However, if a specific gem color is prioritized, it will bypass groups of 4/5 to hit that prioritized color. One could also set skill usage for each troop to one of several rates: ASAP, Guaranteed Kill, Weakest and Never.

ASAP is just that. Anytime the skill can be cast, it will be. Target will be random.

Guaranteed Kill works for both Single-target and AOE skills. Anytime an enemy would die to the skill when it’s activated, the skill will be used and targeting that enemy.

Weakest is the alternative to Guaranteed Kill for support skills. If a skill doesn’t automatically pick an ally, Weakest will pick the ally with the lowest value to be the target. If an ally’s armor, life or mana is the lowest among allies (random if tied), it will be chosen for the skill. Under this rate, Cleanse effects that don’t affect Armor, Life or Mana will simply be used when they can clear an affliction off of a random ally (random if multiple allies are afflicted).

Never means that a character will never use their skill.

I kinda got carried away with that but I think that’s still relatively reasonable.

Just buy the Microsoft Accessibly controller, they have spent millions improving input devices over the years.

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I prefer @UKresistance trick, get married and make my wife play when my hands are tired :slight_smile:


As much as i like that auto collect feature i highly doubt it will be something the devs consider

It’d be amazing to have an auto-battle feature! This has been my TOP desire.

At least have the Auto-Fight option for the really easy battles… such as Adventure Board and individual Kingdom Challenges. Maybe even limit the autobattles per day, so that people don’t abuse it (not sure how people would… only referencing BilboBaghead’s comment)…?

It would help tremendously, leaving more time for us to spend on Guild events, Class Trials, etc., etc. I get SO BORED doing the easy + normal battles, esp. if they are Campaign requisites.

I think you just answered your question.

While it is a nice feature, it is highly unlikely to come to this game since they want you to keep logging in. For other F2P games, they use sigils/energy to bring you back, or threaten you with enemy attacks that will take your resources if you don’t login often enough. So in a game that (thankfully) has no energy/enemies, they need you to keep logging in.

As for “boring” battles, that’s another “incentive”. While easy/boring battles are fast and mindless, you can skip them any time with gems or $. Campaign tasks are designed to be doable but just annoying enough to temp you either to skip them or buy the elite pass (to maximize your reward for time spent).

Now, auto-battle/keymapping for accessibility, which was original post, would be nice. But most likely accessibility will be prioritized over auto-battle due to abuse. Technically, kingdom tributes can be considered “auto-battles” in terms of rewards. But for other battles, how would you determine how the auto-battle works? Would you:

  • be able to select a difficulty?
  • be able to select troops?
  • play while auto-battle is going on?
  • choose any mode?

And what happens if your AI loses? Would that frustrate you more? Basically, if troops can be chosen, higher level players are benefited immensely more that others due to troop selection, and these are the players who would least need auto-battles for resources.

So, even for accessibility, I don’t see auto-battles happening. After all, guild seals aren’t even auto-collected :roll_eyes:

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