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Implementing this new feature

Every game that is free to download & play daily involves grind, grind and more grind.

I am playing a 2nd game that uses an auto feature to clear a stage by itself… I am at work, in a classroom, in my car, anywhere that I can’t play, the auto feature helps the grind and keeps your players from playing!

Not only that but in GEMS OF WARS, your about to clear a stage, your clearly going to win but annoyed that u have to concentrate to finish the stage.

I would use the same auto as a defending player in PvP.

Just an idea, I am lvl 18 so maybe that feature exist but I didn’t find it lol

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the 2nd game was top 10 gross within this year and the AUTO feature MADE THE GAME… Alot of people would quit that game without that feature, honestly.

If they were to add a mode to automate the grind, the grind would have to be even longer to compensate. Otherwise people would get everything earlier, and then get bored and leave.

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Solution: Allow x amount of auto’s per day, then have a purchasable item with real money that you can buy more skips with.

Hrm. that leans pretty hard into P2W territory though. Blech.

Gosh golly gee whiz, imagine the indignity of actually having to play the game yourself! Anything else we can hand you on a silver platter while we’re at it?


I remember the time you, @RiverSong and I were arguing about having a “cancel button” when using spells, so when I saw you replied here, I expected no less !

I’ll be joining you on this one. I played Angry Bird Epic, Rovio’s RPG, they used the feature mentionned above, and I believe this defeats the very purpose of playing a game…

Just the same way Final Fantasy XII was an epic failure with its automated feature. It was probably a very satisfying feature to create, but playing it felt like not playing at all !

OP said it himself (maybe by mistake) : it “keeps players from playing”, wich would mean the game is poibtless.

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What COULD be better would possibly be consumable items that help increase drop rates.

I remember that, too, @Zelarith, and I admit that as far as the cancel button is concerned, I have come around to your way of thinking. In this case, though, it sounds like the OP is asking to have the game played for him. As you said, what is the point of that?

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Problem is, as I stated many times, people tend to not play a game anymore. Back in the days you played for the fun of playing. But with medals, xp, achievements and so on (gems, gold, glory, troops, traitstones here) the industry (whoever that is) shifted the incentive from playing for fun to playing to reach goals, where reaching a goal is the fun I guess.

Imagine Mario Brothers on the NES, one of the first games I played (actually started with a C64, later an Amiga) - there was no need to “grind” endlessly to get something. You just played. And when playing was no fun anymore, you stopped playing.

You just gotta go through the forums everytime some troop is changed, and count how many people cry over the “hard work” and “effort” they put into getting something just to see it change for the worse seconds after. People dont play games anymore, they work the games - which is plainly stupid.


Possible new guild feature?

Isn’t that what a clicker game is?

Me thinks that beating the game was the goal and getting to the gaol was the grind.[quote=“JasonAshcroft, post:8, topic:6510”]
there was no need to “grind” endlessly to get something

You could grind lives in that game therefore the goal of that game was to save the princess.

If you’re too busy/bored/can’t be bothered, perhaps you should be doing something else.

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When i am bored of the game, my games take longer and do to this i just watch a video while playing.

I gotta chip in and say something about the biggest problem with this.

Do you know how dumb the AI is?

Like, seriously. Even if your team is better than theirs you’ll have an increased chance of losing rather than if you played yourself. The AI currently makes some pretty dumb moves (if you haven’t noticed already). Adding an automated feature would actually net you more losses.

Note: not having a go at the devs, just saying how this feature would not work properly.


I actually enjoy AI matches, and some kind of demo mode would entertain me for a while when I’m to tired from grinding.

However I would not want this as a main feature because, as you said yourself, it keeps you from playing the game.

How about some kind of Ultimate Content deal? Pay a one-time fee of $1000, get everything currently within the game, plus everything new once it is released. All weapons, all armors, hero at max level, max masteries, all cards fully leveled and traited, all kingdoms maxed, all VIP levels. You even no longer show up as target in PvP, whenever you would be drafted you get an automatic defense win, your opponent just gets matched with somebody else. Regular fights just skip right to the victory screen.

Essentially pay a lot of money for not playing, you just get a sandbox with a lot of shiny toys. If this catches on, anybody have some steam keys they want me to add to my library? You just need to pay me half retail price, I’ll send you some in-game screenshots for your collection of games not played. :smirk:

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but not in the shop pls… for paying players there are enough chances to get legendaries - i like the idea from @killerman3333 with the guild feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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