Game takes too much effortnto play

It seems to me the game would be much better if there were less interactive elements that i had to manipulate as well as less “random” mechanics.

I feel the game would be much easier to play if i could press a quick button to use the most optimal team to counter the team i see on “defense”, or a different button to use a preselected team i have built in advance. Furthermore autoplay should be increased to 4x Speed and “rng” should be weighed more in favor of the players’ teams.

Chests should have a feature that allows a player to check off what they already have or dont want in favor of increased odds for troops not in that players possession.

Eiminate the Fight button for explore runs and let it autoplay a full run before you are retunred to the explore screen.

Nysha tokens should be expanded so they can drop from explore 1 and the rate should be boosted at least 100% if not more in all instances.

You know actually, just make thee whole game a movie that just goes the way i want all the time. Much better game.

I’d like to have an option to instantly win a fight as well. Sometimes I have to go somewhere suddenly, and stuck in the middle of orb weaver summoner hitting for 20th spider. I can’t lose here for sure, so give me the button so I could keep my clean winrate and not to abandon irl stuff like a normal human being

Ugh, can’t we just get match rewards handed out via accumulated ingame message or even better automatically with daily/weekly reset?
Would be even more bestest if we’d get those rewards without having to play the matches at all, because “we’d win them anyway”. Idea is goodly goodest, would free up mucho time tbh, pls mek happn!!1
99,99$/month fair?

If it feels like the game takes up too much time - then re-think about what and how you play and what can be improved in the aspect of used up time compared to the rewards you gain. begin to change some things. If you still feel like the game takes too much effort then either be happy with what you get, re-think what can be done more effective, invest more time or quit the game - that’s the options.

tbh I try to invest as minimum time as I can and I’ve got days only collecting some hourly rewards and still have no problems keeping up with account progress.

After the hot mess that’s the Epic Trials and how those teams were designed, the notion of a developer-written algorithm to try and determine “most optimal” frightens me. Not just the bug-filled mess it very possibly would be, but you’re going to leave it to people who don’t have much beyond the first clue about team building to figure out how to counter stuff?

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