New Auto Play Feature

I love the new auto play feature but it is so slow. It would be nice if it could be combined with the increase in game speed. It would also be nice if you could set up auto play for a full explore - up to and including the mini boss or a full set of Kingdom Challenges. Start the challenge on the 1st battle of the level and have it play through all 7 battles. I don’t think it should be turned into an idle game, but the grind is real. And since the AI in Autoplay doesn’t play a team to the best of it’s ability, you aree still going to have to babysit it and play highere levels.


If it became a true auto play, you know they’d reduce the per fight rewards, right? They’d say it would affect the economy…


I just want to be able to use the chat screen while it’s going.

Though there is a workaround on PC I’m led to believe.

If they got the autoplay feature to work on Treasure Hunts, with the increased speed, I would be ok with a prize reduction. I have been playing for 6 1/2 years (with breaks here and there) but I have over 1,000 treasure maps. I will never be able to get through them. Set it up with a sliding scale - up to 1-19 maps -5%, 20-39 maps -10%, 40-59 maps -15% and so on. Then if you want to run treasure maps while you eat dinner or whatever, it runs them, even at 4x speed a map is going to take a few minutes depending on how well the AI does. You don’t get XP for treasure maps, it is pure resources. And if I had more resources I could level more characters, open more chests, increase kingdom levels, and I would play more.