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Auto Play for Treasure Maps

Personally I think it would be handy to have an auto play or sim option for doing the treasure maps. A lot of times I just run through them with no real effort being made to just simply get some quick resources. It would be nice to have an option that speeds up the process so I can burn through them.

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If you have this we may as well sell or disenchant the maps. Not sure that will ever happen, and this is just a harder-to-code and takes-longer way to not-play our maps.

Why not add a feature to do our battles for us as well so that I can just farm arcanes or do the much-hated PVP without actually having to do it? Why not make it an idle game?:roll_eyes:
Basically, no thanks. I like free resources as much as everyone else, but heck - the Guild Task reward nerf happened when 4x speed was introduced because more gold would get into the economy. If you really think the devs would give us a way to just make gems upon gems for free, beyond what tribute gives us already, then think again. I would say a TH on average gives 2 gems, maybe. Have this on 4x speed autoplay and assume that the average game takes 3-4 minutes if an AI, always taking 5 and 4-matches, plays, I think that assuming you can make 30+ gems an hour by doing nothing would mean that

a) TH would not give gems anymore, making it incredibly hard for newbies to save up for good armor since they don’t have much tribute yet and TH would not give traitstones anymore because why reward you for the AI managing to make 15 moves? Actually, it’s likely that Glory and Gem Keys would also be removed, as would Glory.


b) Things would not be available for gems anymore and only for real money since gems would have an incredible increase.

Imagine if rewards would stay the same: Just install an autoclicker starting TH for you every five minutes, go to sleep, wake up seven hours later, have 210 more gems. Do that also while at work every day for eight more hours and have 240 gems more. That’s 450 gems a day. 900 in two days. 1800 in four and in five days you have yourself 2250, also known as 50 VIP chests.
Have a new mythic every 30 days, open 300 VIP chests, basically get it for sure. Likely open more VIP chests for other mythics in between because it will rarely take 300 VIP chests. In three months or so, everyone will have every mythic without ever having done anything but maybe play for 1-2 hours a day to farm new maps. Forget Famine, everyone will make Tyri-and-family-teams.

…So yeah, ending this here. My verdict: Absolutely, definitely, with all of my heart: NOPE, DO NOT WANT.


And somebody else drops in with a feature suggestion that will allow them to gain resources without actually doing anything to earn them. Why didn’t you just say, “Gimme more free stuff!”?


( https://youtu.be/iNLOpqC1vcs?t=182 ) :wink: :smiley:

People already do this.