Play Again Feature For Challenges (coming in 3.6!)

This is something that I am sure a LOT of people wish existed. The play again feature for explore is a HUGE time saver, but it would be just as big of a time saver for challenges. Even if the feature only worked for the 5 difficulties of each challenge, it would still save a ton of time. It is so tedious to have to click hack into the kingdom, challenge, find your challenge, click your challenge, start battle, and then fight the battle for every single fight! It’s not quite as terrible for the challenges on the far left of the line, but having to scroll all the way to the right for those final challenges is an added bit of tediousness, all for the sake of getting some extra souls.


+1 to this. Again.


Please do this, please we need that feature, it would save us so many useless time.


I was just about to post something similar to this but instead decided to resurrect this topic. This should be a no-brainer devs, its amazing that you put in these kingdom level requirements that require challenges but did not think to put this in as well.

Please get this in sooner rather then later, don’t make us wait months and months for this type of QOL issue, just get it done.

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I’d like to lobby for a “next” button for challenges. So when I need to grind through challenges in the future, I can just keep hitting “next” and it will advance me to the next one I haven’t completed yet once I clear the current one at five star. In fact, they should just have a “next” and “play again” buttons at the bottom. We can just hit “back” in its usual upper left corner placement to exit back to the map.


I am going to keep bumping this thread until a Dev (or someone similar) responds to let us know that this is being looked at.

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Daily bumpage until we get a response…:slight_smile:

Another day, another bump.

It’s that time again… How about an answer Devs?

Should I start tagging them daily in this thread? Post your responses below.

The devs usually never respond to feature request threads - they either happen (in the future) or they don’t.

That said, seeing as challenges are the best way to get treasure maps (for new players who farm them in Broken Spire challenges) or souls (for people with Pharos-Ra, like me, who farm in Divinion Fields challenges), I would very much like this addition.

I think the reason the devs didn’t add it for challenges when they added it for explore is the fact that there is, unless you have a challenge at maximum level, no “play again”. You cannot play the lower difficulties of a challenge again, it always upgrades to the next level until it is at max.
I think, if they can add a button at all because of this problem, it would maybe require you to have mastered all challenges of a kingdom or something. Which would be totally fine with me! Just pointing out what the obvious difficulty that so far prevented that button likely is.


While I agree with you @Sheba as to the nature of a implementation to address the issue the idea you mention is no where near the only possibility. They can code whatever they like in this regard, but, since we both the Devs we also know that they are likely to look for the fast and easy way out.

However, a nice QOL improvement would be after finishing a lower level challenge (number 1-34 of 35) an option is presented to “Continue with next Challenge?” and/or “Replay this level?”, if doing challenge number 35 simply remove the button to continue or simply have the continue button do the same thing as the replay button.

And with regards to the statement that the Devs usually never respond to feature requests… I understand that and agree it would be like going down the rabbit hole far to often and take up far to much time. Good thing they have a person hired especially to interact to the community, if that person would respond to this thread stating that this thread/idea/request was being considered then that would alleviate the need for me to bump this daily.

While I agree that they can code whatever they like… I also want you to consider that they still haven’t managed to implement something to finally let us buy more than one pack from the Glory shop at the same time, despite wanting to do that since ages. And that it took them like five months to make the replay button in explore (because I remember that people asked about it in a lot of the monthly Q&As). I understand zero things about coding, as it needs math and me and math are not friends. But from what I’ve seen and how quickly things got changed/altered that were an easier change than this… I have no idea how big the difference between “they could code what they want” and “they could code what they can” is. Not saying that the devs are dumb - merely saying that we all know that Sony, Apple and so on dictate what update is due at which point in time and that the devs are under a LOT of time pressure (hence, bugs). Anything that has no fast and easy way might simply not be viable because it’s not part of the plan of the big companies, hence no time to code it.

Also I think it’s not about not wanting to interact with people but the fact that the devs don’t want to give out what might (not) happen in the future. Simply because it raises expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I rather have a definite ‘No’ than no answer at all. But people here in the forum have been harrassing the devs with “when does X come”-questions constantly. The second something got announced/previewed - be it a whole patch, a new feature, a new kingdom, you can BET that especially some people ask in every stream, often even every day here on the forum when X will finally happen. And it’s annoying as crap, even for me as just another person on the forum. I don’t even wanna know how annoying it is for the devs. I don’t blame them for staying away from making promises, both time-specific and in general.

I agree with you that making promises is a hazardous job when you don’t control your own destiny. However, I (and others) are not asking for a promise, just some form of acknowledgement that we are being heard and our opinions considered. That is the biggest problem with the current game and the (lack of) communication, pre-Salty the devs where here on the forums and participated, same thing with in game in general chat. Post-Salty and communication is basically stopped and we as players have to create a huge ship-storm to get any kind of feedback at all.

I tried to watch the twitch streams when they first started but they are so full of nonsense and seem like something else this game designed to pillage my time, so I stopped watching them and hope that someone summarizes the useful stuff on the forums.

So basically while I understand the difficulties in promises made (and broken) as well as understand a good portion of what goes into coding and also very well understand what it takes to actually beta-test prior to release my main issue with the current situation is the complete lack of communication from the Devs to the players.

Unfortunately this feature didn’t quite make it into 3.5. It is something we’re aware of and are addressing in the next update :slight_smile:


That’s good news.

Thank you Alpheon, I will happily let this thread die now…:slight_smile:

RIP thread.

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