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Challenges shouldn't kick you to map

So, this is an inconvenience that lead to me just not doing the challenges. Every. Single. Time. You finish a challenge, it boots you straight to the map where you have to click on the kingdom again, click on challenges again, and then click on the challenge.

It wasn’t a huge deal before because the rewards were so small that I could safely just choose not to do them. But now that completing the challenges is mandatory for kingdom growth, this problem really needs to be addressed. In the time it takes to finish an entire kingdom’s challenges, enough time is wasted on loading the map, then clicking your way back into the challenges screen that you could have done at least 10 more matches.

This is also something that is extra out of place considering that there is not one single game mode that does this. You don’t get booted to the map after every treasure hunt, guild war, invasion battle, Raid, PVP fight, Explore, Pet Quest, Arena match, or dungeon. There seems to me to be no reason for Challenges not to send you back to the challenge select screen.



This is why I never bothered with challenges.



I’m down for this. Also never bothered for this reason (and didn’t really need the souls). This is more important now that doing challenges affects kingdom levels.

They need to add the “play again” button also to challenges just like explore and treasure maps. The “continue” button should take you to the NEXT challenge.

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