Don't go back to the World Map after a Challenge

It’s not a huge deal, but it’s annoying that, after completing a challenge and wanting to try the next level, I have to click the Kingdom, then click Challenges, and sometimes even scroll to the right everytime I wanna play back-to-back Challenge matches. Just as when you complete a battle in a part of a Quest.


i know this feel. i just want to say in the kingdom as much as possible.

+1 to this one, also a simple fix that’ll probably suit people…

Agreed, it’s such a pain when you are farming for traitstones…
Actually, the thing the game lacks the most is ergonomy, sure, they made it clean and pretty enjoyable for new commers, but when going full farm mode, it’s such a pain…

List of stuff we may like to go faster through :

  • Looking for PVP opponent, you see “cards” with wrong opponents for silly reasons “goblin abuser”, “lvl 9001” etc… Problem is, you always have to wait for the animation of the “good opponent card” to go onto the next screens, I’m pretty sure it could go faster if it didn’t wait for animations.
  • There are 2 screens you go through before a PVP battles : in the first one, you click “fight” then, on the secod one, “to battle”. In my opinion, the screen with “fight” seems not necessary, especially when going in defence, as EVERY informations was already given on the previous screen (except for the 3 glory reward).
  • When finishing a battle, instead of having a traistone screen + a glory reward screen + a gold reward screen with additionnal spoils of war, it would be better to have everything but gold listed as spoils of war (and make the spoils of war appear all at once.

I know all these changes would decrease visual confort, and wouldn’t be welcomed by new players, that’s why it should be an option, I’m sure higher level player would use it. That would be a change in the same vein as the “slow speed” option that was added a little while ago now.


I already made a similar request Aug/2015
Older Request

I was about to make this same request. I feel it would just add a quality of life to those challenge farming as a run of even say 25 challenges can = an extra 50 clicks…if for no other reason “THINK if my poor mouse”…

This has been requested since the game launched. The devs have never acknowledged or responded. Makes me think implementation would be impossible.

I find that a strange statement as it does not just go back to world map on its own it has to be told to do so and telling it to go elsewhere would be just as easy.

+1 OP, +1 @Zelarith

The confusing part is that it doesn’t happen for PvP; you go back to the PvP menu.

Exactly, so that should make it fairly easy to just copy that part for the quests and challenges…

Maybe @Sirrian would like to quell or enrage the crowd on whether there are any plans in the works for this quality of life issue?

It’s on the list for a future patch. No ETA at this stage.

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Your not the @Sirrian we were looking for but you are the @Sirrian we got. I aooriciate the update.

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You meant “you are not the Sirrian we need but you are the Nimhain we deserve”.
Can’t miss a Batman quote like that :v