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When doing either treasure hunt, explore, story mode, or challenges, after finishing a battle or map, it kicks you back to the map. My request might not be simple, but it is a quality of life request. I would like for it to drop you into the selection screen of what you started in. For treasure hunt, it would be the screen that shows you how many maps you have, for challenges, it will return you to the challenge select screen. For story mode, it continues where the story left off last, which gives the story a better flow. And explore drops you into the battle select screen.

Explore battle select screen:

Challenge select screen:

Treasure hunt select screen:


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The more comments that are made to this post the more likes it can generate. Also a discussion on if this is good or bad would be nice as well.

Pretty sure these are in @studs’ quality of life thread already!?

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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again,


i hope they gonna make this happen :+1:

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