Fatigue of troops...what do you think?

Hello,everybody :slight_smile:
I’m not a native english speaker so i apologize for a bad grammar,wrong spelling and other mistakes.

There are a lot of writings about seeing the same troops in defense teams far too often. What do you think about implementing a fatigue condition of those troops,after a number of battles/days used?
Fatigue might mean that all of troop stats go down by a some % or by a number and mana cost go up.
After a “rest” period,a day maybe,that troop would be usable with full stats again.
It could be added together attack & defense battles that a certain troop can do before becoming fatigued. Consecutive fatigue without a rest might cause exhaustion where stats would go down by 50% and mana cost up by 50% (or some number).
This way may shake current meta teams and change things a bit in a different way than constant troop nerf. Especally in GW,you wouldn’t have to change your team but not changing would make them easier to beat.
It could lead to using more varieties of troops and teams or just using 2-3 meta teams. How do you see it?
It might be too much,but even new stat might be implemented (let’s call it Endurance), a value meaning how many battles can a troop do before becoming fatigued. I guess that Stonehammer,f.e.,can fight more battles than a Peasant :slight_smile:
There,that’s it.

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i dont really like it, changing teams on a regular (daily?) basis is uncomfortable

I think that would be pretty close to the “Energy” mechanic that Sirrian has said tends to push game away from F2P.

If you add fatigue, then it will become tempting to allow players to cure that fatigue with an item or cost that can be bought…

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One of most positive things GW brought,judging by forum comments,is daily color pts bonus,motivating players to use troops they didn’t use before. This could have the same effect.
I wouldn’t put any item or anything that could shorten the cooldown period. There are over 300 troops in GoW,instead nerfing/buffing troops every now or then some better way should be found of widening the usable troop roster.
I appreciate your oppinion and understand the point :slight_smile:

All stick, no carrot. I’m not in favor.

I understand what your wanting that to do, but i think the best way is to just make a lot of the weaker troops better and more usable. Similar to how orcs got a little bit buffed