Skill bonus gone after update

I worked hard on upgrading some of my kingdoms to Skill Bonus +2. Now they only have +1 after the update… any explanation???

Skill bonuses from power levels (as opposed to “normal” kingdom levels) aren’t reflected in that screen. You’ll still see them all reflected in the “Bonuses” section of the Troops page.

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Thanks for that. Really confused about all this new stuff…how do I earn deeds?

They’ll be possible rewards from Adventure Boards but they’re not implemented yet.

Deeds will come from 3 places:

  • Rare, benevolent gifts from the devs via in-game mail
  • Adventure Board tasks
  • Flash Offers

But the devs just admitted they forgot to put in the patch notes that they’re not starting the Deed machine until next week, after they’ve forced game clients to upgrade. That way either everyone gets the same amount of deeds so long as they’ve already started.