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Kingdom Skill Bonues After Update

Did we lose all of our kingdom skill bonuses? I had almost all my kingdoms up to power level 5 which gave me a +2 skill bonus for that kingdom. When i look at the kingdom info now it only shows +1. Maybe im looking at it wrong. I really just wanna know if i wasted my time and effort getting all my kingdoms up to power level 5+.

The power level bonuses are still in effect, just not reflected on that screen (which contains info related only to the kingdom level). If you check the “Bonuses” section of the Troops page, you should still see all kingdom level and power level bonuses still in effect.

I agree that the change in the way that this information is presented isn’t terribly intuitive, especially for people who have had kingdoms at 10 for a very long time and have been focusing exclusively on power level since then.


Thank you, that’s what i thought it was but wasn’t sure.

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I was wondering by myself.
It’s not only not “terribly Intuitive” it’s counter-intuitive because it was different before and it just doesn’t make sense.
I like the new summary-screen but you realy should see all bonuses cumulated.