Sirrian and Nimhain visit Global Chat

A few choice tidbits from their visit:

  1. 2.1 and 2.2 will be Guild focused. Their hope is to get these out more quickly than the current 2.5 month pace. (So maybe breaking up one massive update into two pieces so we don’t have to wait so long?)
  2. New kingdom is “targeted” for release with the update. Start saving those keys if you haven’t already!
  3. They dropped a code on us with some free keys in it!!!
  4. They seem to enjoy late-night Diablo 3 together.

Did anyone happen to get a screen shot of the chat or happen to have the code?

Also what channel was it in?

What is this code? :wink:

Global Channel 001

EDIT: XLROFIYMGM I think is right… @Tacet @HKdirewolf

EDITEDIT: Kinda wish we could have a post that replies to two people :stuck_out_tongue: (not just quoting, but actually linked)


The code works

says already used or invalid. :frowning:

Might have been used up then :frowning: Sirrian did say that there were only 100 uses.

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Chances are not high that i was the last but i believe i was. i am sorry. 100 souls, 1 gem key and 2 maps.