Siblings, you say?

Marid, a Human, is brother to Tyri, an Elf?

With Dual-Type Troops incoming, I think it’s clear what needs to be done.


Yes he is. That is all.

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What, you got a thing against mixed marriages?:blush:

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So i hope tyri becomes a human elf and so does marid! Then we just need more human elf hybrids. Also i can’t wait to see who the father is and the mother.

One or both of them could be adopted, their father is an Undead Giant and their mother a Dragon Construct.
“Why?” You ask?
You should ask: “Why not?”


Wait who is the mother and father?!

Not at all, just trying to hint they should both be Human-Elf :slight_smile:

Genetics. You never know what’s going to happen.


Not both, to my understanding Marid is fully human. Only Tyri is half-elf.

Aww that sucks.

No. That is all.

What if the spider queen is her mother?! Then that would make her royalty. Not the raining spider queen we deal with but another spider queen and then dokkalfar is her father? Or at least her grandad.

And his mom is still making his dad pay for the affair with that trampy elf girl.

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According to the game data, Tyri is still just all-elf at present, and Marid is still just all-human. Then again, considering they can’t change “Marauders” to any of the new types, it’s possible it’ll all get a sweeping update once 2.0.1 hits.

Can’t we be a bit less judgemental about parentage? Families are complex and don’t have to fit into your narrow ideas about “species.”



oops, wrong button

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Spider queen is a half spider and dokkalfar is an elf. I want to know the names of her parents not the species they originate from. Talking about narrow ideas of species have you seen the furry thread? We cross breed so many animals together that it feels like FMA.

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if it works like peas — you could do 2 half elves, making 4 kids would be 1 human, 2 half elves, and 1 full elf :slight_smile: dontcha love genetics :slight_smile:

or Xanth!

Today I Learned: Elves are peas.


Maybe that’s why they use green mana?