Her Father's Daughter


So I’ve dug up this picture from somewhere and was reminded of the story from a long time ago about a lost (figuratively speaking) elf girl trying in vain to find her father (and his treasure map).

I think it is time for a daughter/father reunion event? Yes? :wink:


Been waiting forever for her father to be added as an event legendary. Maybe with a small story arc.


Well if it’s anything like the Khaziel event, we’ll need to wait for an Epic troop that IS her father. Otherwise she’d be talking to an off screen phantom. Though I’m totally up for a future kingdom campaign which revolves around helping a fairly-aged elven adventure/treasure hunter.


Dokkalfar is her father. Mystery solved :slight_smile:


She is The Silent One’s half sister???


Hadn’t realised she was an elf… But it says so on her card…


And maybe we’d get the card after completing the story?


Well of course! What kind of campaign would it be without a free Epic Card of the mission assistant at the end? (A bad one, I tell you what! :rage:)