Plot discrepancy re: Tyri & Marid

Anyone else notice Tyri is an Elf while her brother is Human? How does that work? Is this some kind half-elven situation like Elros & Elrond (50 points if you get that reference)?



Fifty points this way please. LOTR!
@Jainus already mentioned it on another thread. :slight_smile:

LOTR you could have figured out based on Elrond alone. Can you do better than that and give some detail? :wink:

Didn’t think of that, but I couldn’t get myself to believe they were sister / brother with such a difference of skin color… Especially when she is the one with the darker skin color while she lives under the trees in Zhul Kari and he is found in the desert (though I know he apparently isn’t a native of the desert)

50 more bonus points if you can name Elrond’s brother :wink:

I already won those points. Lol

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Steve? Tony?

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We’ve mentioned elsewhere that the two are half-siblings. Same father.

I nominate Dwarven Miner as the father to make a Dwarf/Elf/Human love triangle.

Their father will be making an appearance in a future kingdom… he’s kind of a big deal…