New resident of Zhul'Kari? (Spoilers)

This might belong in the 2.0.1 known issues thread, but eh.

I’m poking around looking at how long it will take me to upgrade Zhul’Kari to five stars, and this individual appears on my screen.

It’s nobody I recognize, and there aren’t any new troops listed yet. Who is my mysterious interloper? Hopefully the event troop for two weeks from now, as I am hoping that the Leonis Empire gets released this week!

He looks like a new goblin or elf. (both have pointy ears and one goblin is already grey. i accept that i just stereotyped both races)

“He” looks like a she to me.


He is also unusually busty for a male…

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And her friend!

Both of these look like they could be named characters, so I’m now hoping this doesn’t mean a dual-Epic troop event. My glory supply isn’t that high!

So… 11 characters in a kingdom? Wow

So this is what dhjl, Tacet, and all the other high rollers feel like when a new troop is released for a kingdom they already five-starred. “Where was this when I was working on those stars?!”

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Those are new troops, yes. They’re upcoming event troops. They follow the same pattern of previously-released dual troops.

11 troops sounds good. Gives me hope of one day 5 starring some of the kingdoms

I saw the first one yesterday while adjusting my Zhul’Kari troops and checking Power Level.

11 troops, huh? To think of all the traitstones spent getting it to 5 stars…

Looks like I’ll be taking advantage of those refunds after all.

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It seems i did not notice the chest at all. Not sure if good thing or not. Elven men usually look very beautiful almost to the point that they are mistaken for females. [quote=“Grundulum, post:5, topic:9686”]
And her friend!

Looks amazing.

Divinion Fields also has a couple of new residents on their Kingdom page

With all the refunds this week I was able to “delevel” a bunch of troops. Then I leveled them back up just enough to get the kingdom back to the number of stars I had. Saved me like 10000 souls all together that I can use more efficiently.

This is the real use of refunds imo. Oh, so now there’s 10 troops available, and you 5-stared it with 8 or 9? Get some refunds to get some precious traitstones back, now that you dont need them there anymore.

I dont necessarily agree. Surely theres a price to be paid for 5 starring them earlier

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Zhul Kari max. level…if someone want to know