Lore Question: Princess Fizzbang


So I have been thinking about this since she was introduced and, with the new UI limiting me in the game, had also time to look through the forum for answers and found none so far. Question:

Is Princess Fizzbang really the daughter of Queen Grapplepot and the Goblin King?

  • She has violet hair and pink eyes. Her mother has red hair and yellow eyes. Her father has white hair and white eyes. Looking at the Nobend Brothers, it’s clear that goblins seem to have a genetic inheritance thing going on like humans do; the brothers all have the same haircolor, for example. So Fizzy looking like that seems strange.
  • Her nose is very different from every other goblin-nose. All goblins seem to have huge, long noses like Queen Grapplepot or flat noses like the Goblin King. Only Fizzbang has a human-ish nose.
  • Her ear shape is also different from other goblins. Granted, so are her father’s ears (and his skincolor… he’s an odd one as well), but hers look more like the ears of some demons, fey or undead/vampires. And the vampires live just one kingdom away…
  • And then there’s her lore: "Blessed with magical powers at birth, Princess Fizzbang teleported from her mother’s womb with a strange magical “zzapp!”, causing the midwives to give her the name “Fizzbang”. Her mother, Queen Grapplepot, approved of the name, possibly due to the joy she felt at having a labor that lasted approximately 0.37 seconds."
    And that seems very, very suspicious to me.

So, uh, is there any official information I have overlooked? Because if not, then I kiiiinda feel like Grapplepot might have kept a thing or two secret from her husband - and, given that her lore states that she solves problems and not-problems by eating everyone involved and the other goblins seem cool with that, getting “rid” of “evidence” seems pretty easy for her. Any opinions?

(And yes, these are the thoughts I have at 4am when I can’t sleep. I am odd. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Why do you assume there is the concept of matrimonial sanctity in goblin culture?
Why must you impose human concepts onto all other races?
What is wrong with free love for all (goblins)? Huh? Huh?
Can’t we all just get along?


Fizzbang looks like a cross between a human and a goblin for me. Queen Grapplepot possibly raped Elwyn when he visited their country one day. And then tricked Goblin King to believe it was their child. :smiley: haha sick fantasy of mine…poor Elwyn tho… :sweat_smile:


I’m totally cool with free love for all (goblins), but the lore sounded like Fizzy and the Goblin King consider each other daughter and father (since lore says she blew ‘her father’s left ear’ off).:sweat_smile:

:open_mouth: Why Elwyn? He doesn’t look much like Fizzy, either, and has no powers that would explain Fizzy teleporting… but yeah, I fully agree that Fizzy seems to be half human(oid).


haha, it was just the first one that came to my mind. Elwyns genes from his mother might have shined through tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps goblins do not always raise their own biological children. Maybe all of the very young infants are raised together in a collective daycare, and when a baby goblin is able to stand and walk on its own it is then claimed by a specific couple, who may or may not be its genetic parents. I imagine there’d be a fair bit of squabbling over the well-behaved kids.

I think that’s a good fit for the goblins, because they’ve got a weird sort of dysfunctional anarcho-capitalist monarchy. All for fun, and fun for all!


When Fizzbang first came out, my husband noticed all those same human-ish traits and decided that her real father was Brian the Lucky.

Brian the Lucky, of course, was even more drunk than his usual – which is saying something – and actually thinks he spent a beautiful night with Queen Ysabelle.


That would be such a fun thing if it were true! The lore says Fizzbang had four brothers she… exploded, so maybe her father went more power than behavior, though (unless well-behaved to goblins is basically misbehaving to humans). Wonder how big her family really is.

…That makes so much sense it’s scary.:laughing: Really, really much sense. Doesn’t really explain the magic powers, but maybe half-goblins end up with weird powers because of the mixed genetics, who knows?
Given that Fizzy’s lore states that she exploded some jewelry stolen from Ysabelle, there’s obviously some connection between Sword’s Edge and Zaejin going on anyway, though if it’s more one of war (like the Zaejin storyline showed) or one of weird politics with awkward visits (like Adana tried before Fizzy exploded people again) is certainly questionable.


Nah, that can’t be true.

Elwyn was totally into it, 100% consensual :rofl:




I am loving the fact that people are only disagreeing over the fact who the (human) father is and that no one seems to think that Fizzy actually is the biological daughter of the Goblin King. XD


Having to imagine the biological act required for her to be the Goblin King’s biological daughter might account for some of that.


This, right there, is pure gold! :rofl:

My turn: Obviously Fizzbang is another daughter of Lil’ Jhonny Bronze whose ship stopped at Zae’jin for supplies… It all started with a bet against Raven who was conducting totally legitimate business there…


Who’s to say that it’s the father who was the pretty one? Maybe it was the Goblin King and some pretty (deluded) human woman?


plus Goblin King for example, might have a fair % chance of giving good looks. :wink: :wink:



This is… also very possible. Actually, I could see Grapplepot finding Lil’ Johnny attractive, given how her husband looks. Tyri and Fizzy would probably also get along very well (to the horror of everyone else).

I did think about that - it would involve either the Goblin King or his affair using magic to teleport newborn Fizzbang to Grapplepot and make her believe she gave birth magically. We also don’t know anything about Goblin pregnancy and if Grapplepot could have been fooled into believing she was pregnant when she was not (and maybe just had an upset stomach by eating something (someone?) wrong). I absolutely agree that it’s possible and the mother wouldn’t even need to be human, but could be of quite a few different races - it’s noticeable how, for example, Desdaemona has the exact same ears as Fizzbang - but it’s harder to fit into the lore we have about Fizzbang.

…With people having thrown three potential father names in here by now and this spreading to looking for potential mothers even, I wonder if the devs actually have the answer to the riddle (and would share it) or if Fizzy looking so human-ish was just random design.:thinking:


Whatever the cause, Fizzy looks great. I posted this before her release but she gives off a WoW goblin warlock vibe, adorable and completely bonkers. I miss the brief time when she was still viable on offense (despite the mess she was making of game balance; she exploded it like she exploded Gems. How’s that for “meta?”).


I agree, she’s the first goblin I really, really like, looks-wise. I never played WoW, so I have nothing to compare, but I find the other goblins in GoW either goofy or somewhat creepy (which is also neat and fun, but I tend to go more for ‘cool’ looking characters). Fizzy really seems so different from the rest of the bunch when it comes to looks, while the lore still makes her fit in with goblin-society personality-wise. That’s one of the reasons why I wish the lore bits posted here in the forums would be collected and made available somewhere or/and that every troop would get such lore in the first place - it makes me still very sad, for example, that the inital guys from Leonis (announced in the ‘new kingdom’ post) didn’t get individual lore but the later additions did. Leonis and especially Sword’s Edge seem to be two of the kingdoms with the most interesting plot (given how Sword’s Edge troops are in like… five? storylines/lores now and the Leonis one is still so unfinished).

I didn’t use Fizzy immediately when she was released - I didn’t have the resources back then to trait and level Goblins and was still pretty new and didn’t realize her potential before reading about it on the forums… which happened when she was already nerfed. So I missed that fun time, sadly, but I guess that also makes me grief less about her nerf. She was my first mythic troop (as in, I bought a lot of chests in the shop) ever so she is special to me, though. I just really want to solve the mystery of her looks, haha.


If magic was used in this sense we could speculate that Fizzy is not even related to the G.King or Grapplepot… I could imagine this whole story being like some of those old classics where Feys exchange babies at birth. Maybe a baby, fruit of an unwanted union, being abandoned by the mother/father… and when found by a powerful being (fey or not) that would take pity and give the baby with the best life she could have: being born into royalty. Well, goblin royalty still counts as the best life a goblin could have…

Fun(?) Twist: I BLAME ELSPETH (AND TASSARION)! Because that spoiled princess could probably be responsible of such thing… It’s not like she wouldn’t get ideas after studying the origins of Dragon Turtles… Since then, Tassarion never imposed new studies to the princess again. Caring and finding new homes for all those experim… i mean… babies… was surely enough!
I am too old for this $#1T…” Tassarion.


That might, in the most extreme case, be actually true. Her skin tone doesn’t fit Grapplepot’s and I don’t see how the skintones of her parents could produce the bright green skincolor Fizzy has. Her father’s skin is barely green, her mother has a rather pale/dull green tone… if anything, a mix of both should be pastel, not bright green. If we would assume normal genetics, then if either Grapplepot or the Goblin King would be the biological parent, the other half would have to be someone with Fizzy’s skintone. So yes indeed, Fizzy might actually not be related to either of the two.

I did mention in the first post that Fizzy’s ears are close to the ears of some Fey (who all have pretty different ears, really). It’s noticeable how the Nymph has green skin similiar to Fizzy’s and looks also pretty human-ish. And her eyes are closed, so we can say nothing about Nymph eye color. I find the idea of baby-switching definitely more plausible than a Nymph falling for the Goblin King…

Also blaming Elspeth is always valid.:rofl: