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Didn't think humans needed this big a buff in 2.0.1

but since the dual type change should mean all undead are dual type (they’re all once living versions of something, just like bone dragon) and since most undead came from humans, this is going to really throw open human team comp. Looking forward to seeing what new combos can be created.

They haven’t indicated that Undead will become Undead/Human, you know. I doubt they’d do that.

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But it is the same logic that makes the bone dragon dual type. I don’t actually expect they’ve gone that far with the dual typing either, but one can dream at least about the human type being interesting enough to use. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying your logic is faulty, I’m saying that I don’t think the devs will make former humans Human-Undead. We’ll find out in a few hours, though.

Human-Knight certainly makes sense to me tho…

Remember that the regular Goblin has Human Slayer on him. So it will be interesting to see which troops get human and which don’t to keep the balance.

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No, Bone Dragon is already a dragon type, as he has to be - it’s in his name. What’s being added is the undead part.

I also don’t think every supposedly-human knight will get a human type, maybe only the ones with a name and a face (Brian, Scarlett, Luther).

It’s even possible that Human will stay a catch-all type, only for humans that don’t fit another type. If true, that would mean nothing will get human type added, and some current humans might lose that type in favor of one of the new types.

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Well, I mostly agree, but whether we like it or not we (humans) are very self-centred, so, as @yonizaf said, many things will probably be humans by default. It’s like with mixed races in most fantasy worlds. There are half-elves, half-orcs and so on and the other half is pretty much always human.

Hadn’t thought along these lines at all, kinda forgot knights are also mostly humans. Very interesting thought and shows how many ways dual typing could be looked at.