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Showing total amount in Rewards Screen

So while exploring is a pretty fast way of getting traitstones, there is just one issue I have with it: If I really want to know how many of each traitstone I have, I have to leave the explore screen and go to the map, to get to the hero screen, switch to the Inventory and scroll way down to the different traitstones I have, while only about 5-6 actually matter for what I want at that point.

So it would be really nice if we either, A) get a shortcut to the Inventory from the Reward Screen, or B) get fast option to show how many of the traitstones we have, when clicking on them in the Reward Screen. Like it’s done in the Game window, with the little Questionmark allowing you to quickly see how many treasure maps you have. Or even better C) Show how many of each Traitstone I have, depending on where we explore. Like exploring Adana will show a little list of all the red and yellow traitstones, while Whitehelm would only show yellow stones.

Could be a nice QoL-Change, depending on how good it gets implemented ^-^


Would be nice to have a thing to click on to show how many you have from the reward screen. Save a LOT of time.

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A slightly faster workaround:

My slot 1 team is always the next 4 troops I want to trait. So I can tap “edit teams…” on the Explore screen, then check the troop I’m working on for a progress indicator.

It’s still a handful of taps, so I still like your idea. But maybe you’ll find this a little faster.