Show/Tell us what troops are not in certain chest pool's

As title says, this would mainly benefit those that are either hunting down certain mythic’s in gem/glory/vip/guild (lvl 4-6 chests) or those after specific kingdom troops in event keys as of the recent release with HellCrag kingdom I went and spent 200 event keys bam a decent assortment of troops… turns out missing certain one’s thanks to kingdom pass and journey which as much as you’ve already told us in an update patch notes before about these troops (Maybe? I can’t really remember tbh) But anyway yeah be nice to know what troops are in the tables for us unless you want us to be in the complete unknown to the RNG gods… haha.

Edit forgot to mention I spent another 200 trying to get the KP and Journey only troops.


I’m with you Spent thousands of keys to get Czernobog yesterday. result zero. Also the rest of the drop in new units is a bad joke. Instead of new troops, we are treated to new bugs. yes

They mentioned it in the official post.

New Kingdom Pass Begins

To make sure I am updated I watched the official news.