Guildmates is wasting event keys and does not get the troops they are looking for

Because how can everyone in this game know precisely of which troops that is in the Event chests when there is a new Kingdom out?

The solution to this would be to have an ingame table which shows which troops that is available to pull.


Event Chests have been misleading players ever since Guild Wars troops were released. The issue has only been multiplied yearly with every update that makes certain troops time gated.

But clearly Infinity Plus 2 has zero issues tricking folks into wasting event keys.

Never trust lawyers, politicians, (and now) live service game Developers.


Or just allow players to go to their troop collection, select any owned/unowned troop and click on the “Chest Info” button that isn’t there yet. Perfect place to show which chests this troop is currently in, along with the chances of pulling it.


It can only get better than it is, and hope we see something before xmas 2023…