Should this match up happen?

And I had such high hopes for our relationship. . . :wink:


Should it happen? No

Will it happen? Yes

Fight her anyway. The game thinks you are good enough and i believe in you.


Really and truly, it depends on your troops and what I have set as my defense team, not our respective hero levels. Like some other high level players, I don’t always have a tough defense team because I want to fight revenge battles in my chosen kingdom. So, take a chance! Like @killerman3333 said, the game thinks you’re good enough. Go for it!

Edit: I can promise you you will never face goblins or a true shot team as my defense.

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I have been playing for like a month haven’t seen match ups like this until I broke 100. I usually give them a shot I miss my 95% win rate though😏

My level is under 200 and I have faced players level 945 or 955 and a few 1000. As the others have said - give it a shot. I’ve won. You might too. Good luck.

I’m level 169 and just won against a level 1000. I think my first time seeing (and beating) a level 1000 was when I was around 120 or so.

Point is, it is actually possible for you to win. and when you do, It is so much more satisfying. Or if you don’t, that’s still an interesting experience seeing what a higher level team feels like. Or - you could always skip if that’s not your thing, but having the possibility is still nice.

It’s a good thing to see high level player. Just the reward is a bit rediculously low

If it’s early in the week, you can get matched up against all levels of opponents more widely as everyone goes back to rank 15…

For 945g I’ve fought a level 1000 with all mythics (I’m lvl 180 I think)… I lost of course but gold makes me do things