Concerns about this game

I have tossed and turned trying to figure out the logic to this game, but so far I can’t think of much. I am level 206 and generally I only draw opponents that are 2-3 and sometimes 4 times higher level than me while invading. And then when I see that someone has invaded me and won they are the same, 2-4 times higher level than me. How come it is that I never, ever face someone that is lower level than me? I’m not one to do much complaining but this is getting ridiculous. It’s getting very old having to face similar teams as me but with the exception that their characters are Mythic and Legendary. I think that all players are just looking for an even playing field, I don’t think that this is too much to ask for. I have spent quite a bit of money on this game and therefore I have an invested interest in this. If not then this wouldn’t bother me as much.

It’s normal to face people on higher levels : you play against an AI, so the advantage is yours.
Besides, as long as you keep winning, you get matched up with higher leveled opponents.

As for the high level people invading you, maybe they don’t have a lot of invading win streak, and maybe you don’t get to defend against lower level peoples because they can’t get past your defences (even if you don’t have defense victories : when people start loosing, they will retreat, this won’t count as a defense victory)

i know a lot of player matching has to do with how many wins you have in a row as well as level and also your ranking.

I assume you are losing a lot since you are complaining. How many level 10 kingdoms do you have? Especially for the 2 extra magic, 5 attack, and the life.

You are missing the point, this is not about winning and losing, this is about parity, there’s a difference. And I don’t have half of my kingdoms upgraded to level 10. All the more reason that I should not have to face opponents with Mythic characters when I don’t have any myself. I know that this fact isn’t the games’ fault, but it isn’t mine either.

We are not missing your point, we are telling you why it’s this way.
The game doesn’t measure your strength by (only) by your level but also by your win streak, to put you in interesting fights against opponents you’ll struggle to beat.

Besides, you have better rewards for fighting people with better Kingdoms…

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Sorry Zelarith I did not mean that towards you. I was replying to
eika86’s comments. I understand fully that the game takes into account win streaks and so on, it would just be nice to face someones line-up that has a similar amount of experience as me from time to time.

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That is why you should get most of your kingdoms up to level 10 asap, cuz winning streaks means you will get tougher opponents.

Alrighty, I’ll do that. I’m still learning the characteristics of this game and I appreciate everyone’s replies.

Cheers, mate.

My experience is that at the start of the week, when I’m still climbing ranks, I often get matched against players with better rank, much lower level. Once I reach first rank I almost exclusively meet higher level players. Don’t get fooled by the level number though, it doesn’t really seem to make much of a difference once you get past level 100.

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