Fight or not fight


I was thinking whether to take the challenge? if I ever have any chance of winning with the character of such a high Level? : D my level 151


That’s a very tasty amount of gold there as a reward!



The cost of a defense battle is only 50 gold. The reward…, well you can see it :slight_smile:
If you worry about losing a trophy, you can retreat any time.

And the chances of winning mostly depend on the troops, and less on level difference.


I took the challenge and won :sunglasses:


Show him who’s boss :slight_smile:


You are like me: a Spartan. You want my gold? Come and try, I’ll be waiting. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have beaten a level 1000 about a week ago while being invaded. Did NOT think that was going to happen at all. Did not even know one could go so high. What dedication !! :scream:

Lady luck was definitely on my side.