This is a reasonable match-up (and that was sarcasm)

I’m a level 1,000+… That first match-up, though.


By the way, this is my defense team composition from last week. I think that, at this point, it’s almost impossible to argue that your defend team doesn’t affect your invade match-ups. I haven’t seen anything over 1,000 gold since early last week when I changed to this team…

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I am also an endgamer at level 1135 and I run a single troop for defense. I would therefore have a lower team power score compared to the team you listed. There is most certainly a difference noticed by me.

The main thing from my experience was that instead of fighting (at the time) Manticore x2 / Deep Borer / Bone Dragon 12 to 15 times in a row, all different player names, that quantity was diminished quite a lot and the variety of teams I was put against increased to the point of not being mind numbingly boring. I still saw the team but only about half as often. There are cons to this though. Pvp points on average dropped and some battles had lower gold for a prize.

But to keep me from wasting my gems refreshing the choices and making my battle selection much more interesting it was a price I was willing to pay.



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Yeah, exactly what you said…

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I am using a 9457 score rating defense team. I’m getting opponent bellow level 100 around every 5 battles.

the only idea i could come up with is:

  1. the person invaded you
  • got in your list as a revenge
  • you took a break from gow for a while, and your revenge list got filled up pushing the person out of the list to make space for new ppl
  • you came back and lol

otherwise something spooky with the matchup

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