Shop Change Requests

@Saltypatra mentioned on this weeks stream, the devs were looking at feedback on a shop rework. I thought I’d make a few suggestions. I ask that people try to give feedback here based on what they would be willing to buy for money, since this is strictly about shop changes.

Since it launched I’ve purchased The Ring of Wonder every month, and I would love for there to be a tier system for ROW. If the current rewards were to be adjusted and the % bumps to fluctuate, there could be a $9.99 monthly version, a $14.99 monthly version, and a $19.99 monthly version, this I would like to see be a 50%, 75%, and 100% boost to exp/gold/souls. Obviously this can be adjusted, based on the devs feelings, but I feel a $9.99 option would be popular.

I’d love for there to be a weekly flash offer on Wednesdays (outside of holiday events), (or integrated into the pet tabs), that gives 5 copies of the pet, some pet food, and some gems, for $4.99 and I’d like the offer to allow a player to max a pet to mythic. This offer would allow us to save our gems for other things, but also give players two options to fully level a pet. I don’t feel this is too pay to win, since you can already level every pet to mythic by using gems.

I would really be interested in two new monthly plans that include pet bait, writs, chaos orbs, deeds, and/or imperial deeds, similar to the current path to glory and ingot plans.

Obviously I wouldn’t mind a bump up in VIP levels, but as the VIP 20 population is probably pretty low, I understand if that’s not in the cards.

I would be very interested in all of the above, and I think these offers might also appeal to others.

I believe there are a lot of players that want to get more out of the game for free than for real money, and this includes people that want to use gems they get in the game for free to purchase flash offers, and other shop items, but that’s an entirely different topic. My suggestions are all concerning @Saltypatra 's request for feedback on what would appeal to me as a paying customer.


In-game purchases, a devil it seems most games deem necessary these days. :frowning_face:

The point of the current shop apparently is to make flash offers look good; we wouldn’t need flash offers if the shop offered basic player needs like gems available at the more palatable flash offer price.

I tend to make purchases as a reward to improvements to the core gaming experience. As such, I favor low-cost offers (no more than $10 USD), that include gems as sweetener. I have gone in for the vault key flash offer, and for pets in the past.

One offer that I would think twice on if it came again was for the Winter Imp+gems for $10. Guaranteed receipt of a good troop (especially the Imps, who are now harder to pull than mythic troops from regular chests, and who players have no incentive to craft since they don’t go towards kingdom power levels) is a fair value proposal to me.


There needs to be more offers for $2, $5 and $10. They are supposed to be MICROtransactions after all. These offers for $60 or more are ridiculous and the “values” ascribed to them is even more ridiculous.


I believe that’s why they are working on a shop rework. I don’t feel $60.00 or more offers are bad, plenty of games offer them, I just feel they need to be improved upon. But I do prefer to take advantage of the flash offers in the $1.99 to $10.00 range.

But the point of Salty’s request was that we offer suggestions of things we would like to buy, maybe you could add what you would like to purchase for the price points you mentioned to help further the cause. :hugs:


Anyone that is VIP 5 or higher will spend $5 or $10 here and there if they like the deal. $50 is not going to happen for most people. Pets and pet food with some Gems attached are good. Deals where the GM or others can reward top performers with Gem gifts are a big winner as well.


If people don’t buy things in the shop I don’t think it’s because what they offer. It’s the prices. They’re… absurd / bizarre!


$50 on steam gets me a full game, during sales a couple of DLC’s as well.
$50 on settlers online gets me a supply of [gems] to buy a fully traited legendary of choice every week for a year or a mythic once per month.
$50 on GoW gives you 1 mythic that you can’t choose.
I like this game, I don’t mind rewarding those who made it, but I don’t love them enough to pay these kind of prices.
(I have no doubt the prices I listed aren’t accurate, but this is roughly how I experience it)


This won’t help endgame players but I’d be ok with spending 2-5 dollars on some celestial traitstones. Since the new explore system came out I’ve been getting plenty of arcane traitstones but no celestials.


So, what would you like to buy and for what price? That would be very helpful info.


What would you want a mythic to cost? Or what would you feel more likely to pay for a mythic, that would be very helpful. This post is all about giving the Devs ideas about the shop, and what kinds of things people would be more likely to buy, and for what price points.

Criticizing the current shop without offering suggestions, means the shop rework won’t have your input about what you would be willing to pay and for what kinds of things.


I’m salty so I know I’m not very helpful atm. I would not pay any money for the game at this time. The devs clearly show atm what their mindset is and that’s nothing I support.

I have some VIP levels so I paid some of their bills in the past - just to clarify.

So for being some kind of helpful:

  • I think “Deathknight Armor” is ok when having the mindset it’s kind of “buying” the game when buying it.

  • I think Flash Offers for Weapons are a bit on the edge but still ok.

  • I think all Flash Offers are ok where you get 100 Gems for 2 bucks (or similar).

  • I think every single offer in the shop besides of Deathknight Armor isn’t worth to buy. On the contrary: I’d say cut the prices to a third of what they are now.

And for some new ideas:

  • Legendary (no double guaranteed): 10 bucks
  • Legendary (any) + 100 Gems: 5 bucks
  • Mythic (no double guaranteed): 35 bucks
  • Mythic (any) + 300 Gems: 15 bucks

You get the direction. I don’t think it’s what they are thinking about at the moment when wanting ideas for the shop.

And again: In a game where the grind is real, so real - I don’t give the devs any buck when seeing they make the grind harder and harder with every patch they release. But that might be only me.


I’ll make another suggestion, based on some of the comments, perhaps have a Flash Sale along with Flash Offers where a pack or Ring of Wonder, or something in the shop is reduced by 25%, 50%, or even up to 75% off. That might get people to buy things they normally wouldn’t.


I like GoW, especially the free to play aspect and have already made purchases in the game but not big purchases. Many of the things, while nice, are simply things I can’t justify paying that much.

However, another free to play game I’ve played in the past had log in rewards that gave free resources daily AND, every so often, offered a 72 hour discount of 50%. Also, maybe once a month or so they gave a 75% discount for 48 hours.

GoW already does daily rewards but If they are looking for ideas for the shop, a chance at a global discount of 50% or so once every X number of logins wouldn’t be a bad idea in my opinion. :thinking:


It probably wouldn’t happen but I would like an option to buy flash offers without gem sweetener for a lesser price.
I know the reasons why we have gems in every flash offer but I don’t really need gems and some flash offers will be much more attractive to me if I wouldn’t need to pay for gem part of them.


If you are vip 20 you have spent ~$8300 u.s. on this match 3 free to play game.

No offense, but im not interested in anyone at or near this level’s opinion on updating the shop.

The shop it utter garbage bc vips at this level continue to make ridiculous purchases.


You could make suggestions about what you would like to see in the shop, and for what price, but attacking a paying customer is out of bounds, and belongs in a separate space.


I purchase the occasional gem offer but only if it’s bundled with something I will actually use. Like vault keys. Not interested in anything cosmetic.
I would purchase a pet bundled with either pet food or gems.


game i used to play had weekly thing called mega hour where if on to buy at that hour you got 3 times the amount of ingame items…


Need a delve store so we can buy potions for daily delve attempts


This is probably out of the scope of a shop rework, but from the perspective of a very late game player the only way to make me spend more money on the game is to provide things that I want to spend money on.

  • Why would I spend money on ingots when 90% of the weapons are mostly pointless and useless?
  • I’m also not really excited about writs and deeds when all they do is give some very minor boosts I’m probably never going to notice.
  • The medals system was a gigantic missed opportunity - once you have 3 of the main medals, is it really worth having more to upgrade your troops when you all you get is a few piddly little stats. Why would I ever send money on medals when they do so little and cost so much? Particularly the mythic and legendary medal upgrades should do so much more, open up new traits or something so that if I am matched against a fully upgraded team I actually care. Then I might pay for medals.
  • Pets are cute but the bonuses are trivial and they’re only really worth it for the kingdom upgrades, which in itself only gives small bonuses.

I’m VIP 7, which meant when I was earlier in the game I spent a fair bit of money, but the last thing I bought was a pack with Divine Ishballa about 2 years ago (not totally sure). Since then I haven’t seen an offer that I would really notice the difference if I bought it or not*. Unless they can address this then I can’t see anything they can do to the store that will get me to spend.

*Maybe the orbs of power (I still need 2 for Zuul) but $50 for an item which will sit in my inventory until I got the other one. That doesn’t feel good. $15-20 without the gems I don’t need and I could have maybe justified it