Shop Change Requests

…contributed to keeping this game running.

I’m nowhere near that high of VIP tier (I’m a lowly 6) but whales are what keep this game alive, whether you like the concept or not.

On topic:

I like a lot of the $2-5 Flash Offers but I won’t buy any of them myself. I’ve spent enough money on this game and any regular forum-goer knows I’ve become sufficiently jaded that there’d need to be some major player-oriented quality of life changes to even start getting me to consider spending money on this game in the future. I know I’m in the minority, and that’s fine.

The Death Knight armor, especially if purchased early (like others mentioned it, I looked at it largely as “buying a game”) is the only really good big-ticket item in the game - because it gives permanent bonuses.

The ring is a ripoff, in my opinion. What is essentially a $20 subscription for a free-to-play with half the bonus of buying a permanent upgrade (DK armor) makes me roll my eyes.

If I were spending money in GoW, what would I buy? Probably some of the $2-5 Flash Offers, and that’s about it. I’d also consider buying a permanent upgrade to the DK armor, if it was priced in line with the base model, but not the subscription crap.

The problem with this statement is that those prices existed waaaaaay before Flash Offers even existed. (Yes, you used to be able to play GoW without getting a silly number of pop-up ads!) The dev/publisher (not entirely sure who is responsible) has an obscenely inflated value of their product.

Even some of the current Flash Offers are asinine. $35 to fully upgrade a Mythic troop? For that price you should be able to both buy the troop directly AND fully upgrade it, and probably get some extra Gems/Keys on the side as a fluff.

Not to mention, there are over 40 Mythic troops. That means GoW considers it acceptable to charge you over $1400 if you want to upgrade them without spending hours, days, weeks, and months of your life grinding for resources. I’m not saying whether the grind is good or bad here - I grinded everything myself - but the accumulated cost is ludicrous.


I love this idea. I’m not sure how they could implement it, but I think it would be a really popular feature for those that delve.


potions of course. And at a reasonable price, not at the price the devs values their game

I’d assume, if implemented, it would resemble the current delve shop and last until the daily reset. This is a space for suggestions, do you have an idea for a price you’d be willing to pay for potions if offered for purchase with dollars? If I were a developer looking for ideas, I’d have no idea what reasonable price means, other than that you want it offered for far less than anything currently available for sale.

I said a long time ago, about 10-20% of what they charge now, might be viable
I was able to get every troop to mythic without spending money
There are very few things that can only be bought and not earned by playtime, so the value of the earnable things would need to be considerably less to get people like me to consider buying them
It’s too late now, I wouldn’t even consider spending money at this point, but I would have before if prices were remotely sane

Hopefully the above suggestion helps in the shop redesign, as the rest of your comments basically stated you would never buy anything ever again, regardless of the price.

I think your idea is at least a suggestion, though it means you feel everything in the current shop is worth between one dollar and 5 dollars. But sadly when Salty asked us to make suggestions, she made it clear they were looking for feedback on what goods people would want to buy, and for what price…

Most of the feedback thus far doesn’t really give them much to work with, as you aren’t the first person to claim they won’t use the shop, regardless of what is for sale, or for what price, which is a statement and not a suggestion.

How about a ‘mix and match’ create your own bundle deal from the multiple different currencies. For example:

50 chaos shards
50 gems
50 ingots (either epic, legendary, mythic etc)
50k gold
50 pet food (whatever colour etc)
5k souls
1 x minor orb (excluding ascension)
10 gem keys
100 glory keys
1000 gold keys
x amount of traitstones
x other currencies etc

Pick any 4 (?) of the above for 5$.

Quantity listed are just examples, it’s the idea I’m proposing.


I think an item that increased your pet spawn rate to vault event levels (but without the extra vault key chance) could be very popular, without breaking the economy… I’m pretty sure I would end up getting it if it were a one-time purchase, like the deathknight armor, and similarly priced.


I think Death Knight armor should be reworked to also give one-time resources based on your current level. This would encourage late game players to finally splurge on the armor by recouping some of the “losses” they incurred by not buying it earlier.

The big problem with the DK armor model is the sunk cost; I’ve already missed out on a ton of value because I didn’t buy it when I picked up the game, so buying it now feels bad.

If it gave 1000 gold and souls per current hero level, that would give a mid-game, level 1000 player 1 million of each resource. Not game breaking for a one-time purchase, but a nice incentive.


Basically I was referring mostly to what I had said before, then explaining where I am now after accomplishing everything without paying.
Minus a few useless things, you can earn everything just by playing
I can buy 10 cheap games or a brand new just released major game, or I can spend $50 on gems or a random troop etc that I can earn in a nominal amount of play time. Not to mention all I could buy in real life instead with that $50
That’s why in my opinion, the value is obscene
But people are willing to pay, and I’m not forced to, so they can do what they want.
Just figured I’d put in my own perspective of value
I’ve always believed, you’d sell 10000 well valued things for $5 before you’ll sell 100 extremely overpriced things at $50, especially when it doesn’t cost anything to reproduce


I’d like the option to sell resources for the things I actually need at this point. I have so many extra TS, for example, that even if I sold half of them, I’d still have enough for any troop I may get in the foreseeable future. Being able to trade those for a “shop only” currency and then be able to shop with that currency for what I need would be a great addition to this game.


Maybe they could add a converter like item, a one time purchase of 10-20 dollars, that allows certain items to go into it, and other resources to come out.

Or add a gambling goblin, which allows players to trade maps, or traitsones, or even gems for a chance at packs.

I don’t know if this is possible, but they are nice suggestions.

Potion Effects:
I fully expect delve potion effects to become a more readily available consumable, and have left my delves at 2100 accordingly. So I’ll be likely to buy these to get delves completed at my convenience rather than grind a full weekend to do so.

I do not think power potions should be available, though, as delve treasure hoards/Kingdom levels are designed to provide that boost.

I would like to the see the ‘Potion Effects’ made available in the form of sigils that can be used to attempt additional daily delves. Currently. players cannot extend their daily delve attempts through Valravens so these sigil prices must be a fraction of the event cost of the potions to reflect their limited application.

For example:
1 ‘Elite delve sigil’ (incorporating 1 potion of Enchantment, 1 potion of remove extra turns Explosion, 1 potion of Rejuvenation, 1 potion of Armor, 1 potion of Blessing) : 150 Gems
Price for bundle of 3: 400 Gems
Price for bundle of 5: 600 Gems

These sigils would not expire and be kept in the inventory for use at a time of the player’s choosing.


they’d probably just make them into medals or something

In that case, I still would like the opportunity to purchase additional delve attempts. This would also be of significant benefit to new players trying to catch up.


i agree with so many delves now available the 3 delve limit seems archaic and should either removed or increased


Be careful what you wish for, an increase in the # of daily delves would mean a massive nerf to rewards per delve would be required. More work for same rewards? No thanks.


This was a post designed to give the developers feedback about what people would like to see in the shop, and for what price. I don’t know how it became a post about delves, or a place to speculate on announced nerfs to unannounced changes…

If you don’t want to buy anything in the shop, or give suggestions about what you would like to see in the shop and for what price-points, please create a separate topic to discuss things unrelated to the shop and a shop rework.


I’ll try to be constructive, but I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve stopped giving the devs money with the recent update. It’ll take more than a reworked shop to change that. Everything is US dollars. Also this is a collection of not necessarily coherently related ideas.

First up the prices are absurd. Insultingly absurd. This isn’t a aaa title and pricing every significant offer at $50 is stupid. Games with a ton more content got by on $15 a month. Netflix generates several billion dollars of content a year for less than that. Microsoft game pass is less than that. You are competing with a lot of options once you pass ~$10 a month.

Like others have said the only thing remotely close to being worth the high price is death knight armor.

I’ll wager a lot more money changed hands over $2 vault keys than $50 legendaries.

The only thing that might get me to drop another $50 is something that unlocked the ability to transform garbage currency and items into useful stuff. Like garbage orbs into ascention orbs. Essentially something to bypass the bit of the game you don’t like.

I’d pay $5 for a male avatar with good posture. The current one is garbage.

But back to getting people to spend like a subscription. Let’s say I wanted to pay my guild gold but didn’t want to grind for a month. Let’s say 500k a week is the cost. One month of goofing off with no hassle is 2 million gold. That’s 8000 gems in the current store. Which is about $400.

I’ll bet you not a lot of people buy gold.

IMO you made a mistake with gems for portraits and emoji packs. I’m sure you could have sold them for $0.99 or something.

Probably the biggest thing you could entice people with is something that let’s people achieve a goal.

Iirc 50 vip keys gets me something like 50% odds of a mythic. That costs me like $150 if I went to the store to buy the gems. Did I get the one I need? Probably not. That might cost me $10 or $10000. You have the carrot of a bunch of people wanting specific troops. They are primed to buy their way there, they just can’t unless they are wealthy or are willing to harm themselves financially to do it.

But if you make things cheaper you have to keep the need open ended. Part of that is making more mythics. I think the other part could be diamonds.

Rate limit the purchase. Say 500 for $4 And you can buy one 500 pack a week. You can essentially pay cash for a mythic every two months and it costs $32. But you have to wait for it to cycle through the soul forge.

Not inclined to pay out regularly? That mythic you want is here this week and you are going to be 200 short? It’s $3.99!

You won’t she’ll out $12 a month cause you have most of them? Well you will probably by some to be ready to buy the ones you are missing. Especially since epic tasks is likely decreasing your diamond income.

Tired of a guild? Happy to farm solo? Guess what you have a way to trade cash to get access to legendaries and mythics. $12 a month and some patience.

Newer but in a guild doing well? Go from enough diamonds from tasks to craft a specific mythic every two months to every month for $12 a month.

It’s a means for a noob to give you non crippling amounts of money and have a decently serviceable set of troops and weapons within a year.

It’s still enticing for mid and end gamers trying to complete collections.

Whales want stuff now and won’t be satisfied by the time scale.

OH yeah and you could run flash anti-sales. Got a week you are going to have two useful mythics? Just drop a flash sale that let’s you get 1000 diamonds out of cycle on top of your weekly max for $9.99. It’s just $10 to avoid waiting months.


You’re right that it’s not a stand alone triple A title. Gems of War is a game that has people working on it for a living. It’s constantly getting updated and new features added, some more popular than others.

I’m not knocking a single one of your suggestions. I’m only trying to remind people that if the developers can’t make a living wage from the game, it will go into maintenance mode, which means a small quality of life update once in a blue moon (if we are lucky), since the team will no longer be able to afford to work on it full time.

Everyone has different levels of interest, some would prefer to see the game go stagnant so they could get caught up, but if the game stops evolving, and stops getting new stuff, it will eventually die.

I like the shop rework idea, and I’m very happy people are making suggestions. I hope the developers can find a happy medium to appease people that want things on the cheap, or for free, and continue to make enough to keep themselves employed full time working on Gems of War.