About pet rescues

I have a suggestion about pet rescues that I think would be very useful especially towards end players.
Suggestion is this:
When a player triggers a pet rescue the pet in question is one that that player doesn’t have at mythic yet.
I’m sue this would please many players.


Most likely it would please many, but for me it would eat away the “boooom! Finally” effect. As an example a guild mate was missing one Griffling today from getting it to mythic, when my launch made it appear I alarmed that person in discord and guild chat. An hour later the reaction wasn’t boooom, it was “oh no” as he was taking his dog for a walk, but still, the feeling was there. On the other hand, if someone has only one pet to upgrade, he wouldn’t burn gems in the shop, knowing that every gap pet launch would give at least one copy, so it wouldn’t be beneficial for the game.

Making your personal maxed out ones not drop at all anymore would not be good because it triggers for the whole guild, so they would miss out on those each time. If anything, they could maybe make them less likely to drop but it still sounds like a bad idea.

If there’s one thing i want to see changed in pet rescues, it’s the fact that they should include those cosmetic ones in the pool, even if the chance would be lower.


I just got another idea lol: maybe they could introduce (limited) rerolls for a price. Which price? Gems probably. Or maybe they could make you exchange extra pet copies for reroll tokens instead of the food now. Each person can then decide for himself to reroll or not.

Just going on a random brainstorm here. :crazy_face:

Edit: the creativity goes wild. Just wanted to add the idea that those reroll tokens could be colored: so red tokens come from exchanged copies of red pets and are used for rerolling red pets. It could make it more exciting.

Include those cosmetics in that reroll idea and you got a cool concept i guess!

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I’d like to see a better mechanism for getting cosmetic pests into the pool. Especially with the growing number of kingdoms that probably require a cosmetic pest for kingdom star tasks. It’s nice when we get a bonus Saturday cosmetic pest rescue on the docket, alas they’re all too rare and frequently not for a pest that I have any immediate need for – or even a near-future need.

But the idea that rescues should come exclusively from the pool of pests that the spawner doesn’t have maxxed out? There are a lot of later-game players who probably have a huge percentage of those maxxed. And there’s a mechanism in place through the Daily Deals where if you need an additional maxxed pest for kingdom star tasks and you have a non-cosmetic/non-delve pest lacking in levels, you’ll often get offered copies – and at a very good price (in my opinion).

Plus, I think there are guilds that would hate the idea. Because if the guy/gal spawning a lot of rescues has most of them maxxed but the underlings do not, those underlings may not get a chance to work on their remnants. As one of those “guy/gal spawning” types in a casual guild, I’m okay with spawning a lot of pest rescues that I have maxxed and simply using the eight fights to farm some colored pest food, jewels, and other resources.

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I had an idea about Cosmetic Pet Gnomes I had previously posted.

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Haha that’s good one! :joy:

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I thought of it as funny punny and functional :smiley:

I would like there to be a little more incentive for guildmates to hunt pet gnomes; making it more likely to be one you need would be a nice inducement.

(Not keen on guaranteeing it, for reasons already mentioned above.)

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And on cosmetic pet gnomes: maybe some kind of variant on the explore Mimic mechanism? a small chance that defeating a pet gnome spawns a new battle for a cosmetic pet rescue?

I still maintain that pet rescues should only be triggered from their own kingdoms and not elsewhere. Even if the percentage is lowered slightly, at least it gives players a chance to target particular pets that they/their guild need :+1:

The OP has already been suggested and ignored long ago. @MarioDaems … if the triggered pet is one that the finder hasn’t maxed, then the rest of the guild and how many they have of it shouldnt matter. If they want their missing pets they simply have to do some pvp and find gnomes themselves rather than expect their guildmates to do it for them. If “missing pets” were triggered as suggested, it would inject some activity back into pvp, but the ever diluting pet pool means that many players will spend a lot of gems and/or cash to max one when it appears. The suggestion makes pet completion grindable and the devs wont allow that; they want things to be more random, not less.

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Hm, I’ve got all pets in the game maxed (pet mastery maximum at 3405).
Doesn’t help me. Except, if it could upgrade Revered Dragonkitty.

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My pet needs a pet needs a pet. That would be funny watching it get smaller n smaller on their shoulder

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Then youve probably bought every campaign pass among other things and have plenty of game time available. Most players dont fit this mould. In fact you’ve got so much time that youve posted on a topic that doesn’t concern you or offer anything remotely constructive. Its just an opportunity for you to brag and you seized it. Amusing.

please do your homework first and don’t try to decide for me which topic may or may not concern me. “Amusing.”

the suggestion was initially explained to be “very useful especially towards end players”. please read back the initial post I replied to! I wonder - by that idea - what pet will I even “trigger”? none? since revered dragonkitty can’t be triggered?

as for my “game time”, I can honestly say, around 2h a day, which for some may be “a long time”, for me it doesn’t feel that way. most of what I do is to just collect hourly tributes tbh… yes I bought the campaign passes. simply because I can afford it. not really because it is such great content.
but you can doubt it 100% that the devs will slide “cosmetic pets” into the pool you can find in pvp. maybe… maybe they decide to sell a “cosmetic pet gnome” that can trigger one… other than that, please be realistic, it won’t happen.

If you only play 2 hours a day then you buy everything and thats cool. But how you have managed to complete all faction pets on 2 hours per day illustrates that you are skipping from level 20 with big tier purchases. There is no other way you could have done it. But again your contribution was of zero value so why bother? I hope my ego never requires such a shallow boost.

Please don’t make random public assumptions/accusations/lies to discredit me or anyone for whatever reason you may have!

No, I don’t “buy everything”. What even is “everything”?
If it makes you feel better/worse I can list you stuff I bought ingame:
all “passes” they released, all weapons they sell, -90% sale steam pet and some steam dlc’s as keys from game bundle sites that I even got fore free from a friend and all gave the “full prize” towards the ingame vip level, android pet on the google play store when the price was reduced, fifteen pet, bunny ears avatar bundle xD
I don’t own deathknight armor, never bought subscription deals in the shop or gems or warbands

I finished more than half of all factions potionless on lvl 500 which is really nothing special. At least is wasn’t for me. Some are just not that hard, some require a bit of brains and some just require lucky skulldrops. Some of the rest I started playing on release weekend in middle of last year and 4 or 5 older factions I had to play through a Tuesday. The few on a Tuesday were too hard for me to finish with a low hoard I didn’t want to push up further.

I’m probably just, sorry, playing for a longer time compared to you or focused my account well.

Even after explaining my posting above you seem to not understand at all. Which is sad. Please read back the first sentence of this posting and act accordingly.

if you’ve done half potionless then you must have boosted some hordes significantly so saying it wasn’t difficult is meaningless just like your initial comment was meaningless, offering nothing to the discussion whatsoever. This thread is about pets and getting those we don’t have maxed. What you spend is your business. A breakdown was unnecessary.