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Limit pet rescues to pets not yet mythic

Any chance we could get this? It’s really frustrating when you finally catch a pet gnome, only to trigger a pet rescue for a pet you already have fully ascended. Especially now that we are seeing fewer pet rescues.

I would suggest the game picks a pet you don’t have ascended to mythic yet. Shouldn’t be too hard to do?
And if the player already has all pets in the drop pool at mythic, then pick a random one.

It would give an extra incentive for players to hunt pet gnomes themselves rather than wait for a guild mate to find one. It would also make the pet gnome bait more appealing :wink:


Total agreement here. As you point out, PGs are scarce now possibly due to the migration from pvp to explore and most of my kingdoms are stalled due to unlevelled pets. Obviously faction pets should not be part of the lucky dip but I like this idea.

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The scarcity of Pet Gnomes due the shift in the gold economy was probably planned given that now they sell Gnome baits…
A much better approach could have been a minigame or monthly event with a Pet Merchant offering five pet deals costing gems and some cash for some cosmetic/holiday pets from the past. With cosmetic pets costing real money people could collect them if they wish without gaining any significant advantage over free players (aside from some orbs after upgrading a bunch of pets).

I do all pet rescues because I need the food. :rabbit::pouting_cat:are hungry


the problem is the whole guild gets the same pet so if you have a pet at mythic and another guild member doesn’t that would make it so that guild member would only be able to level up that pet during the weekly pet event so it wouldn’t be fair to other guild members


Agree with this 100%.
I might have pet at Mythic but another guild member might not have it at all.

Maybe my original post wasn’t clear. The pet in the pet rescue would be determined by the player that captures the gnome. Even if my Flutter is already mythic, if another member of my guild triggers a pet rescue, it can still be for Flutter if they don’t have it mythic yet. So the guild would still see Flutter rescues, as long as the player catching the gnome needed it.

Yes, it would mean that if the only players who play PvP are those with Flutter already mythic, then the guild wouldn’t see any Flutter rescues, except in weekly events or if the player who gets the gnome already has all pets in the drop pool ascended to mythic - in that case, the game would choose a random pet.

It would mean that as more guild members level up a pet, you’d see that pet in a rescue less often. It would also mean that when a new pet shows up in the pool of pets for pet rescue events, you’d see it come up a lot more often.

I still do all pet events, I need the food too and it’s a decent gold yield as well. And I don’t see many pet gnomes during a normal week, maybe 1-3 (I don’t PvP a lot). It would be nice if on those rare occasions, it was for a pet I still need to level up.

I’d even settle for just a chance of this, eg. a 50% that the pet is one you don’t have at mythic and 50% to be a random pet. I mean, we currently have how many pets in the drop pool for regular pet rescues? 50-70? More? Every new pet will become more and more difficult to level up as the odds of seeing any individual pet in a rescue event decrease.


Well you will need food for your faction pets that come with zero food.


If you need a copy or 2 of a certain pet you can buy it in the shop. I have done it.

Thanks, I missed that. Great minds think alike? :smile:

I do that too. The issue are pets that I need 10+ of and never see in rescues. I mean, the food is nice and the extra pets can be turned into food, but I’d still prefer to see the pets I actually need.

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I’m willing to spend gems on pets I need. I just never see them, even during a vault event weekend lol.

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I PVP a lot last week my score was 10k+ and I saw 1 pet gnome guy all damn week, they are like gold dust, as for this pet gnome bait how the hell do you even get it??? I have never seen it, been offered it, where can it be achieved?? I do every pet fight and still only have 2 pets on level 10 it’s ridiculous. All gnomes in PVP seem to have gone on holiday they are like finding the proverbial rocking horse …it

It’s on the Guild tabs. Gifts, Offer or something like that I can’t provide a screenshot now but it’s an item you buy with real money while getting some other stuff too like guild keys.

Go to Guild.
Go to Seals. Then Shop.
Guild Elite purchase gets you Pet Gnome bait

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Guild Elite still isn’t available for some of us.

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Thank you so much for that, so again it is just for real money unobtainable for free players who play hours and hours every week. I hate the fact there is never a viable way for ALL players to access these kinds of extras. Never mind the fact that some of these packages are ridiculous prices, you can buy an entire new premium game for the money they want. I am by no means tight fisted and I love this game I am level 1050 done by only spending £7 because one day my OH decided he wanted to know what VIP keys would give us…and in a quick answer not a whole lot. Not one mythical or even a new legendary, I work my ass off for my guild, in every task, game, challenge, PVP, trophies, putting gold in etc. But recently we have no gnomes, the so called vault weekend I played over 20 hours and saw 1, what a joke. I played across PVP (r & c), explore, delves, arena, adventure board, EVERYTHING. So why is it these little gems like pet gnomes are simply like gold dust???


Thank you Graeme I knew I wasn’t going mad, we don’t have them here in the UK on PS4 do we???

Apparently not. Seems to have never been available for UK players on PS4 since the last update. I’ve spoken to other players since I posted that bug report and we all are missing it. Is kinda weird we got left out lol.

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I agree. I won’t pay it. I make occasional small purchases but have around 14 kingdoms gated by needing pets at level 20. The gnomes are so random plus you have to be on line when a guild member triggers a rescue, which given time zones and so on is again just a matter of luck.
I am on pc/mobile in Canada, i think the Guild Elite purchase is available in other countries as well.
Pets drive me crazy!