Several potential bugs (Xbox One)

Has chat been working right recently? It used to be at all hours, people were talking in general chat and now, after the big patch, it’s completely dead.

Have the tasks for 5-matches changed? A good way to complete this used to be by doing treasure maps. I recently did a treasure map with a task for 5-matches at 18/20. After the treasure map, I was still at 18/20 and I certainly got more than 2 extra turns.

An issue from the last patch that’s still kicking now. Sort troops by upgradable. Troops with the green plus sign, indicating they can be traited, are listed as “ascendable”. Troops that can neither be traited nor ascended are listed as “traitable”.

And finally, a bug with the new experience for hero classes. In arena and invasion, a reward of “x2 Titan exp” or something similar was shown, but experience for the class remained the same. Either the experience should be properly awarded or, if those game types are not eligible for earning experience for the hero class, the display should be removed.