2.2 Known Issues

Hey Guys,

With the release of the 2.2 Update, we’ve created this place where we’ll list out issues players have been encountering and keep you updated on our current progress with them. Please post an issues you see here.

Updated: 23th December 2016, 12:42PM ADST

  • Troop bonus event isn’t applying the correctly for some AI troops in Explore mode. Status: Hot Fix is out and resolves this.
  • Due to a display issue the VIP Bundle and Typhoon of Keys have had to be disabled. Status: Fix has been released, but we will be holding these packs back until next week)
  • Troop Bonus event isn’t applying correctly in the Arena Status: Hot Fix is out and resolves this.
  • Summoned troops are not getting Troop Event Bonuses correctly. Status: Investigating
  • Hero with a racial perk (such as undead) is not counting for Progress event (such as this week’s Frag the Hag). Status: Investigating
  • Guild chat is still losing lines. Status: We’ll take another look into this.
  • Game gets stuck if the enemy team is killed by the Cursed trait. Status: Investigating
  • Defense Wins becoming strange in PVP. Status: Investigating

New IAPs have been reactivated for all platforms. (This excludes the Typhoon of Keys and VIP Bundle)


I can not open the game anymore since the update was aplied (Steam-PC)

I verified the gamefiles, restarted steam but still not much luck.

Tried deleting local files and redownloading from scratch?

Getting that too, feels like a server side isssue. On a very wild guess, did you by any chance have an incomplete Arena run ongoing?

Just reposting here as well.

Guess I am going to do that right now. Thnx, keep you posted!

Just putting it here to be corrected listed:

  • After each battle on the quests or explore mode the Growth Pack or Path to Glory announcement/offer shows up. It seems that the “trigger” is activated for one or another after each battle or when leaving the PVP screen after a battle.

I’ve deleted the game (by selecting delete local content from steam). After that I rebooted my computer and re-installed the game again. Checked the verification of the files… started the game and TADAAAAA.

Still broken.
same error message… :frowning:

Minor odd Display bug.

Going from PvP -> Select an opponent “XXX”, then back out of PvP -> Explore Mode.

In explore the title of the troops bar will be the PvP player, “XXX” match you backed out of, and not “Enemy troops.”

I can’t imagine this will ever impact play.

We are aware of this happening. But thanks :slight_smile:

This might be intentional, not a bug? So we’ll spend our money…? But it’s annoying af

We’re looking into the pops ups being toned down.

Guild level 648, so statues should not all be level 100. Before the update they were 102 because they had reset down to 100 previously as well.

I would contact our support team regarding the guild statue levels.

Chat looked great at first, but I clicked the X and it just didn’t close (I had seen my own profile from chat and clicked “Fight” to see the line-up, but I didn’t fight it). After that, messages wouldn’t get posted, disconnect didn’t work and I had to close the game.

If you restart the game, the Growth Pack anf Path to Glory Pack pop ups should stop appearing after every battle.

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Thats been there for a long time. …

For now I’ve tried to open the game with an backup file of the game .exe (I backup a lot… ;)). And that works. I can play now like before the update took place. So first thing I have done is making some screenshots of the gold e.t.c. (in case it gets lost eventually). And I’lll check back later on how it goes resolving this issue…

Not sure if this is a known issue from previous patches (seems similar to the old redeem code bug) or not but…

Note that that’s just an image of chat behind the map. Chat itself still functions as normal.