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2.2 Patch Notes

In this event there’s a 1000 limit… we’ll change that from week to week as the event conditions change


Strange. I swear it did trigger when I created a 4 or 5 match via a spell. I’ll keep an eye out; maybe I was mistaken. :slight_smile:

I’m eyeballing that Traitstone Gowth Pack, seems like you get a lot of Runics and Arcanes for the money, although the randomness of the Arcanes still puts me off a bit. @Nimhain what’s the breakdown of the 57 traitstone day?

Just to add a little bit of information that i missed before: The Growth Pack announcement/offer sometimes shows up too, so it seems that the “trigger” is activated for one or another after each battle on quests/explore or after entering on PVP and leaving.

I’m getting the same issue, game waits at “Logging in”, then displays the “[object Object]” error. Steam version, verifying the game cache didn’t help.

We’re currently investigating the “[object Object]” error some players on Steam are encountering

This is a cool feature I don’t think the Devs mentioned: Troops that trigger the Frag the Hag Event have an “event gem” (?) icon below their portrait and the total event gems show on the rewards screen. :slight_smile:

Also on the VS Battle screen:


Many great ideas, great update!
one thing though: major traitstones. many players have an overabundance of those simply because they’re not needed much in the game. It’s frustrating to open glory chests and get ‘useless’ major traitstones. Could we trade those for the much more valuable runic ones? (10 majors for 1 runic or something?)

I don’t understand the logic: this week is the Human/Darkstone so players could be interested to put Human/Darkstone troops in their defense but we have to kill Undead for the Prize event… So do you “push” to farm Undead killing via Explore mode? Why not an Undead event better than Human one?


Although I won’t be taking part in any of the events (most likely) I just wanna say to the Devs, this update is a huge step in the right direction. The changes are pretty damn great.


I don’t think they want to make it too easy. If it were something like Undead + Ghulvania buffs, then use Undead teams to get bonus Souls, then kill Humans to get Event points, it would make it way too easy to put together a cheese Undead+Ghulvania team and blast through Humans and maximize on everything.

Because you could benefit from mixing the bonus. Like using some humans from Darkstone and from other realms in order to get a better team. Or if you have just two playable humans from Sword Edge (assuming a new player case) and a monster from Darkstone you have three troops with bonuses.

Also you can run an undead team to hunt the other undeads and get extra souls and also the fragments from the Frag the Hag event.

I didn’t talk about the Ressource event. Now if you want to have these 1000 pts you have two choices:

  • cross fingers, and continue PVP
  • farm Explore mode (Ghulvania): even if you are very lucky and have each time 3 Undead so 333 battles…

I don’t really understand your arguments… Sorry. I was saying something like:
Event 1: Undead
Event 2: Ghulvania
Event 3: whatever
Event 4: Undead or Ghulvania

The new event system is really cool. It feels disorienting to be deliberately looking for Bone Dragon teams so I can get more points.


Oh sorry, my mistake by reading your first post in a rush…
After reading it again i think it’s just like @Studs said.

The event for extra resources is just another way for people that are not very interested in PVP to also enjoy some neat rewards. As you pointed out in nearly 340 battles you would finish the event, but if you just enjoy PVP more you will still get even more stuff in 340 battles. But wanting it all wrapped in one convenient combo of events is a little “itty-bitty” greedy wouldn’t you think? :wink:

Just saying…


Adjusted troops:

Adjusted weapons:


I don’t understand. You can do 10,000 PVP battles if nobody put Undead in their defense, you won’t have a single point.
Devs “motivate” players to put Human/Darkstone through the Stat Events so normally, the chance to see an Undead should be lesser in PVP due to these Events…

Explore mode was/is already the mode to farm traitstones so it didn’t need another reason to be farmed.

Best solution is to have Stat Event for Invade and Defense separately.

Redeem Codes disabled?

Yup, due to the issues with Apple’s ToS for the App Store. They’re looking into alternative ways of doing codes though.

Love the new system and the new store items. I was starting to feel my interest wane and this has renewed it. Great job developers. I noticed a lot less complaining this go around lol.