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Where are the $5 weapon bundles?

Anybody know?

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If I were to guess:


Hmmm. Not sure how I missed that.

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If you need an answer to anything, it is Apple’s fault. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, “new in store IAP purchase” is both vague and redundant, so it’s not exactly clear that the $5 weapon bundles are what it’s referring to. But it probably is, along with all the other new shop bundles mentioned in the patch notes, except for the Path of Glory and Growth packs, as were specifically mentioned.

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I didn’t put that together either, so I’m glad somebody (you) asked. :slight_smile:

I was told they were available on Steam, but I’m not seeing them there either. But maybe that’s because I linked my iOS account to Steam?

I linked an android account to steam, its still not available in either interface / platform… so… @Sirrian or @Nimhain are surely aware and working on it behind the scenes me thinks.

Due to issue with Apple, new in store IAP purchase have been disabled while we investigate what has happened there. (Path to Glory and Growth Packs are still working fine though).

That’s from Nimhain right after the update was released. You can find it in the 2.2 known issues thread.

@kynetarse @Tactica

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It isn’t clear though whether they’ve been disabled globally or just on iOS.

I’ve updated my post in the 2.2 Known Issues thread.

They have been disabled globally due to the issues on iOS.


Awesome thanks!

Weapon bundle should now be visible in the Shop.

You may need to restart the game to see them.


I can confirm my eyeballs are upon them in the shop. :eyes: