4 or 5 gems match no extra tun

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  • android / pc

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

4 or 5 gems match not giving extra turn. None of my troops have any status effect, in particular no freeze status. None of the enemies cast freeze.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Randomly, happens in pvp, pet rescue, any mode. Happens maybe 1-5% of the time.

Steps to make it happen again
No idea, completely random.

Proof, or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

I have almost 3000 hours in this game and I’m still waiting for this “bug” to happen for the first time.

I have to agree with the post I’ve experienced this issue as well on the Xbox. I’ve just accepted it and moved on.

I play on Xbox One too.

The maybe two times I was under the impression that I was entitled to an extra turn but did not get it, I immediately recorded the last 15 seconds to check it out.

Both times it turned out that I was wrong in what I believed I had seen, and that I had simply made a 3 gem match.

I’m genuinely anxious to see your recording of the bug, so please, next time, record it and share it here [0 sarcasm]



Wraith’s final trait explodes 2 random gems when he deals skull damage.

In the video the player got their 5 way blue match interrupted by the explosion originanated upon dealing the damage with the skulls.

If you pause the video at the exact moment, you can clearly see how the blue gems do not ever get matched, but exploded instead. So there are no actual blue gems matched in a 5 way.

That’s what happened. I’m not saying the mechanics involved are correct, because I actually don’t think that. If we were discussing mechanics, I’d say that a trait (positive feature of a Troop) should not negate a positive outcome out of the current move for the player controlling it.

But that’s for another topic, maybe one in which we could also discuss the stupid weapon upgrades out there that interrupt a guaranteed extra turn as well, by creating gems or skulls as one of their perks.

So no, here we do not have a 4 or 4 Gem match with no extra turn. We have a skull match and some explosion (exactly in the worst possible location) which end the player’s turn.

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But that’s currently a bug, since you match the skulls and the blue’s exactly in the same moment. It also happens a lot, that wrath is killing his own skull matches with explosions, which is paradox.

I understand what you say and I agree in that it should definitely not work the way it does. Because it does not seem natural, and seems to go against the original intent for which the troop was created.

However it seems like this feature is by design a mechanic that is working as intended.
Much like Webspinner’s controversy, in which the second trait always hits before the third trait, resulting in a 100% chance of dealing triple skull damage for eligible targets (non impervious, non blessed, etc etc), this bug in my opinion is wrongly called bug. For all I know this is not but a Feature Request to change the way gems are matched when Cataclysm triggers.