Servers still acting up


I assume Iam not only experiencing this issue… when the game randomly decides to loose connection to the server. For me it started happening like a week ago and its still happening quite often. Sometimes Iam even forced to close the game the hard way (from task manager) when it refuses to reconnect to the server after half a dozen attempts…

Anyone else still having this issue?


Servers are taking a beating it seems. I hope the server problems end on thursday.


Maybe if we tipped better? I’m having the same problem.


I think with the sale we made the hamsters so fat they decided to sleep it off. :wink:


I thought they were gerbils and imps. What if this is a sign of the apocalypse. If i die i want this to be my final game and leave this world playing the best game in the universe.


Either that or we’re all just guinea pigs in the devs mad scientist experiment.



The truth is our server provider had issues in the last 24hr which is why players had some connection issues.


Nah, the real truth is that they had to get more guinea pigs to run the little wheels so they could power the servers…


i am ok with this. Also it got fixed by Thursday.just like i hoped.