Xbox server issues


I don’t know what going on today but the server keep disconnecting, it doesn’t look good for new kingdom tomorow.

One thing is sure i won’t open any chest at the reset, i expect bugs as usual


At this moment I checked forum because it’s gotten so bad on the server I can’t load the next stage of my pet rescue–the exact moment it finally popped up with “Unable to connect to server please close your game and retry again later.” message was when I was trying to collect a Legendary Task with Summer Imp. Let’s see if I got it…


yea, same over here cant sign in on xbox


Look like they added the timer in the pet rescue pop up


Yeah, can’t get on either and I know we have pets to rescue thru our live group messages.:angry:


Try again im back in, i see the yellow
Exclamation tought, server degraded performances


And again server down


Xbox server are SERIOUSLY broken. I’ll create ticket to get the proper parties attention when I get back later if they don’t reboot them by then.


Ps4 was acting funky last night.


Servers been bad all week off and on but today is just totally a mess. Tired of restarting game every other battle.


Kinda leaves a bad impression to have major server issues during a week of a sale…


And a day before new kingdom this doesn’t look good


:gem: Good day for people to go Guild Shopping.

:gem_skull: And we have a huge sale at Apollo and Artemis today!

:gear: Join now and you will be rewarded!


I have been getting server issues all day and we just got a pet finally and I can’t do it. Very frustrating considering how rare they are


It more than possible the sale is the cause of all these problems. Years ago the publisher had a sale on Xbox and on three separate occasions that week Mr. Strange had to keep increasing the server capacity on xbox.


and now I guess I know why they like to do the Bonus Gem “sales”. Less server load and less people will buy it since its not discounted, but some (more) people will still use it.


Actually, I forgot about the other obvious case… The flux of new players coming in after Xbox Live gave away Rain of Keys to nearly everyone.

Level 8 players getting mythics and stuff.


XBOX 1 - having issues all day with server. Checking server status on the website often claims no problem. Basically unplayable all day.


Yup not playable tonight i hope it will be better tomorow


It probably won’t be.