Problem connecting to server

I keep getting an error msg when I open the game up on my Android. It was working fine then all the sudden stopped while I was trying to save Moon Moon the pet. The error says (There was a problem when trying to contact server. Please wait a few min and restart the game). I did that, I also check my Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection, their both fine. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing is working. Capture%20_2018-07-25-05-29-28

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Getting same thing.

getting a bunch of complaints from my guild as well. Some cannot connect at all, others that can are getting a lot of lag

I hope it’s fixed asap… I’m totally addicted to this game lol.

Same on Xbox, every action in the game requires pressing at least 10x “retry”. Unplayable right now.

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Just got in but servers are degraded…

Seriously degraded… tried to claim 5 emails in game and just spinning…

Ugh… :persevere::disappointed: I don’t know what I’m going to do with my free time now lol. I’m going to go through withdrawal from not being able to play lol

I got in but the gerbils powering the servers are very tired or most of them are sleeping, everything has to try and try over and over to get finished… so I will be doing something else for the time being.

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They need a redbull… Guess I’ll go check out some other games on Google play to past the time.

Server is fixed, but I lost my whole account :angry::sob:

Today I just had the exact same issue.

It’s very frustrating since I cannot enter the game enviroment and get my daily rewards.

I tried changing DNS but no effect whatsoever. Tried from a dIfferent device (tried both PC and iOS), no luck.

In site’s Server Status tab it says only “Refreshing”.

I even tried following site’s help support advise to disable “IP Helper” service and reboot, and my PC almost DIED (got a BSOD) and had several heart attacks until I could reach my system config and fix this idiotic issue.


EDIT: Somewhat, minutes after posting this, the issue corrected itself. All good now !!! Thanks. :slight_smile: