Problem connecting to server


I keep getting an error msg when I open the game up on my Android. It was working fine then all the sudden stopped while I was trying to save Moon Moon the pet. The error says (There was a problem when trying to contact server. Please wait a few min and restart the game). I did that, I also check my Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection, their both fine. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing is working.


Getting same thing.


getting a bunch of complaints from my guild as well. Some cannot connect at all, others that can are getting a lot of lag


I hope it’s fixed asap… I’m totally addicted to this game lol.


Same on Xbox, every action in the game requires pressing at least 10x “retry”. Unplayable right now.


Just got in but servers are degraded…


Seriously degraded… tried to claim 5 emails in game and just spinning…


Ugh… :persevere::disappointed: I don’t know what I’m going to do with my free time now lol. I’m going to go through withdrawal from not being able to play lol


I got in but the gerbils powering the servers are very tired or most of them are sleeping, everything has to try and try over and over to get finished… so I will be doing something else for the time being.


They need a redbull… Guess I’ll go check out some other games on Google play to past the time.


Server is fixed, but I lost my whole account :angry::sob: