Server's Making Game Unplayable

Thought about doing today’s faction but since I had to work I was not inclined to throw the Gems down the shitter. Would have been hard to get it to 500 without the issue. No way I was trying it with the issue.

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Remember that this game uses Amazon servers … so similar to massive lag last year (august?) There is little that the devs can do …

That’s good to hear!

Go to maximum warp!

Going to maximum warp - more power has been thrown at it.


It’s not just Gems Of War, it’s the entirety of the internet. They’re in the middle of preparing the final upgrade touches of 5G.

Much better so far today, thanks.


Yay! Glad to hear it.


It’s always the day after weekly reset. Please for next week’s reset “throw more power” BEFORE the problem happens.

Don’t wait for the reset just add it now. Play in the US is so shotty right now that most of my guildies in Skid Row Reprisal that are normally on and playing right now have gone to other games. One even mentioned something about yardwork. This won’t do at all, we can’t have our members finding things to do in their spare time. We need them in front of their PS4’s and trudging on as the couch warrios they are!


Servers are really borked for myself and many in my guild atm :frowning_face:

I guess it is just as well it is still a weekday for the devs ‘tomorrow’/today for them :smile:

Running fine for me just played a bunch on PS4.

Every time I tried to play in the last few hours, it only took a few minutes to get the following ERROR message: There was a problem trying to contact the server. Please wait a few minutes and restart your game.

(PS4) I got the same error as the person above me twice in the last hour. The first time, I was in the middle of a Tower of Doom battle and it kicked me out (and of course, I lost the battle & sigil :roll_eyes:). The second time, I was trying to write a chat message.

edit: Lol, just got the error again, at the exact moment I posted this.

The game servers were running smoothly around the times of these posts.

One of the side effects of many countries having some kind of lockdown due to covid-19 is that there is a much heavier usage load online. Many Internet Service Providers have had to increase their services to cover for this and then the infrastructure itself can only handle so much (shout out to all the Aussies still on 50yo copper).

Due to this you may find your speeds are much slower than usual and you might get the occasional drop out during peak usage times. If it’s not on the game server we don’t have any control over it :frowning:

Even if you can reach other services fine, it could be that the issue is somewhere in the connection between us and the route you take to our game servers will be a bit different from the one you’re taking to get to another service.


What Kafka said. We have greatly increased our server capacity, and our server programmer double checked our performance during the times of these posts. All good on our end.


Good to hear and glad that you care for us. :slight_smile:

Just noting that some are currently experiencing delayed loading in the game. It’s intermittent so not entirely ‘unplayable’ as OP post says, but this is the most relevant thread I could find to bump.

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Thanks for the bump @Bernice, I was wondering whether I should make a new thread. Confirming that the game isn’t ‘unplayable’ but the servers seem really sluggish.

edit: I am playing on Steam btw



I can confirm this. The servers need more juice or maybe the hamsters are just too old now?

We fixed up the issues on Friday but the servers are running green right now. Might not be the game servers right now @Koromac

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