Server for Console lagging hard!

The game is lagged beyond belief. The game needs about 10 attempts to load up, battles and Maps are interrupted dozens of times by “Server cannot connect” and “Error code 500” messages.

Is this because of the update for the PC crowd?


My friends and I have the same problem. For me, the pink/purple loading bar fills about 60% of the way then I get bombarded with error messages. In the one event that I managed to get to the main menu, I could not even initiate a battle and the game crashed. I am on the Xbox One.

At least I managed to get my dailies, but I guess that’s about all I can hope for today.

Its really funny when it refuses to let me backout from a menu back to the main screen. Been having worse lag than usual the past day or so as well. Not quite as bad as above but still more noticable than usual.

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Yeah, we’re aware of the problem. Our devs our currently looking into it. We’ll have more information for you soon.